Rock Band finally disbands

With the shutting down of the Rock Band network, the article looks at it's once huge popularity and subsequent decline.

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Palitera1490d ago

RIP. It will be missed.

I still hope it is revamped somehow in the current gen.

WeAreLegion1490d ago

Thanks for killing the genre with all the Guitar Hero releases, Activision.

The ten of us who bought Rock Band 3 were hoping to get a Rock Band 4.

Razputin1490d ago

Very true. But I do have to say both companies jumped on the hype train pretty hard.

Of course Acitivision had to murder it with 9 spinoffs, but EA and Harmonix didn't help at all.

I still have my 400+ DLC RB1/2/3, drum set and 3 guitars. I will continue to play this well into the future.

dasbeer881490d ago

Activision's response:

"Oh please, you just made me $60 richer by buying Destiny from me. :)"

WickedLester1490d ago

I enjoyed Rock Band for it's time but honestly, once I got Rocksmith I never looked back. Playing and learning those songs for real is so much more rewarding than simply pushing those buttons.

Baka-akaB1490d ago

Well not everyone was looking for a learning experience . I can play some guitar , yet i was happy with RB as what it was supposed to be , just a fun party game

Orbilator1490d ago

I think rock band was a far more enjoyable party game, rocksmith is a guitar tutor.
Different genres as far as I'm concerned.

Sad to see it go had many wonderful alcohol fueled band party nights

iistuii1490d ago

Agree. I was wrecked by the time my USA pal came online, I'd been on the beer all afternoon rocking out with my ION'S.. Great times...

TXIDarkAvenger1490d ago

Loved these games because even non-gamers would want to join in on the fun. RIP Guitar Hero and Rock Band.

Baka-akaB1490d ago

It's a missed opportunity to not have RB4 or RB ported to new consoles . And i bet it got everything to do with Harmonix's own past issues with EA , viacom etc and having to deal with the licensing of all those released songs on top of new ones , than truly having no market for it .

And it's sad , because until a better game from Harmonix arrives , i'm not interested in supporting their tiny other initiative , or Dance Central

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