IGN: Soulcalibur Blog: Aural Delights

Junichi Nakatsuru, Sound Director for Soulcalibur IV writes:

"There are multiple groups that create the sound for Soulcalibur IV; specifically the BGM and sound effect/voice teams cooperate with outside studios to deliver the most dynamic audio for the game. To comment on the SE/voice over for the game, I will leave it to Yoshito Yano. For now, let's get into the BGM.

The initial BGM theme of Soulcalibur IV was the "Final Battle." (This of course doesn't mean it's the last game in the series. It's just the mood that we were trying to create!). After the designer provided the theme, we started pre-production to emphasize the tension of battle rather than have the music fit a stage or environment. However during the creation process, I felt that the tone might be too heavy. In the end, the "Final Battle" BMG was too intense and the game designers requested something that was more in tuned with the Soulcalibur universe."

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kingOVsticks3777d ago

Astaroth owned tira at 23-27 this game is going to be awesome....but I still think they should have picked better guest characters