Activision's Total Disregard for Quality is Why Gamers Hate Them

Like fellow corporate leviathon EA, Activision receives a lot of criticism for the way it operates in the industry. Whether it’s hiking up prices of DLC, churning out unimaginative sequels or over hyping their latest blockbuster, they often walk a very thin line between love and hate, even amongst their most dedicated fans.

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-Foxtrot1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

I know EA are pretty bad but unlike Activision at least you can play on their games with at least passable quality

LightDiego1490d ago

I think both are terrible, to be honest.
It's sad to think that Bungie, Bioware and Blizzard are with them.

CerealKiller1490d ago

I don't think Activision games are poor quality because they function well and have good graphics. The problem is they just have no soul or personality, they are just pumped out to make money instead of creating a fun rememberable experience for gamers. Their games feel bland and generic. They also know how to milk their franchises to death.

SonofGod1490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

You know Activision don't have high standards when their devs (Infinity Ward) brag about fish AI (Super Mario 64 had that in 96) and mantling over stuff in COD Ghosts. Amazing.