We don't need a new version of Final Fantasy 7

Polygon: "A Final Fantasy 7 HD remake will save the series" is a phrase I am tired of hearing.

I am a Final Fantasy fan. Every fiber of my being gets excited when I read Final Fantasy 15 news. I have dedicated an inordinate amount of space in my brain to franchise trivia and I've sacrificed precious days to complete quests in games I didn't even really like that much. I'm looking at you, Final Fantasy 12.

Another Final Fantasy 7, while an excellent game, will not "save the franchise." Nor, despite what I feel is an inordinate amount of fan outcry and the internet drama surrounding it, do I think it is a good idea.

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richierich1486d ago

We dont need more FF7 remake articles

1486d ago
spacedelete1485d ago

i hate stupid sites like Polygon telling what people should and shouldn't be wanting. i don't enjoy Final Fantasy myself but if thats what the fans want then who the hell are you to say they can't. stupid journalists trying to dictate gamers to what they should want.

kmeck5181485d ago

I've definitely never heard anyone say that a FF7 remake would save the franchise, and i don't see how it would anyways...

I've been a fan for the series since FF7 came out. I liked 13 but didn't care for it like I did for past iterations, plus i felt like it was a little to linear. The sequels did not interest me at all. I like FF14:ARR but that just may be because i enjoy MMOs.

However after seeing FF15's trailer and game play demo i don't think I've been this excited for a Final Fantasy in a long time. I'm trying not to get too excited so that i don't disappoint myself.

I really don't mind the combat mechanics that we've seen and i think if they were to stick with the exact same turn based system like everyone wants from past final fantasy games, I would just feel like they are rehashing old stuff. The combat system is not what makes it a final fantasy game, otherwise we could consider all turn-based JRPG games a final fantasy game... It's the story that makes it.

I'm glad they are trying to push new ideas. It keeps the series from getting stale and I just feel like I'm playing the exact same game as the one before it.

I'm definitely not saying that should they re-make it I'm not going to be picking it up day one.

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