Playstation Blog: New Updates Bring the PAIN

Travis: "Whatup!

My name is Travis Williams and I am the Senior Producer for PAIN for the PlayStation Network. It's been a while since I last posted on the Official PlayStation blog. Every time I have it's been a great experience. You all have shown me "da-love" so I wanted to make sure that when there was something cool to share with you that I would be back. I want to tell you what we've been doing with PAIN and why you should pay attention to us in the months to come.

Tomorrow, the 19th of June we are releasing our next free update to PAIN. This will be a two-week process where each week we release new features and content to PAIN. This is a two-week process because we are perfecting our content delivery process. We have always had this goal with PAIN that we should be able to move faster with our content delivery than most games. If you are a normal PAIN blog reader you might laugh at that comment. They have been waiting for months for us to pick up the pace. Some of them were wondering where I've been lately. "

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ice_prophecy3826d ago

was genuinely funny for the first 10 minutes...

Then I asked myself: What the f are you doing...?

Then the game got boring when I tried to reason.

Silogon3826d ago

At its current state it's little more than a tech demo. I wish the developers would take some of those guys ideas inside the comment section to heart and blow the engine out with them. I'll check out the new content, since it is free, but I don't think I'm gonna spend much time with it.

Mr_Bun3826d ago

I love this game! It is cool that after all this time, they are still coming out with updates! It is nice to know that new levels are coming. The fact that both players can have their own character is going to be greatly appreciated.

Premonition3826d ago

Thats the only thing that bored me about the game, was the fact that it only had one area to play in, I wished they would have released a couple of areas to play around in when they launched it, but its good to see some new stuff is finally coming.

andron3826d ago

More content is needed. This game is fun to play now and then. When you return after some time it gets fun again...