Xbox One SA Launch - Midnight Madness

The Xbox One launches in South Africa in 12 hours. According to all their Xbox One bundles are already sold out and pre-order sales exceeded their expectations.

Ster Kinekor Entertainment also launched a PlayStation 4 sale starting today."

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lord zaid1577d ago

My policy remains in place. I wait for the price drop... Or whoever does a Batman:Arkham Knight bundle first. I am so weak.

FlameHawk1577d ago

If anyone is doing a Batman: Arkham Knight bundle it would be Sony 100%. They've had a partnership with WB for Batman since Arkham Asylum.

Sillicur1577d ago

Yeh awaiting a price drop myself before even thinking about it

radler1576d ago

You're definitely weak. Arkham Knight could end up being a disappointing or bad game, yet you'll have thrown all that cash down beforehand just because you hyped yourself up. Have you learned nothing from Watch Dogs, Titanfall, Destiny, COD Ghosts, Battlefield 4 and the countless other games that have been terribly overhyped?

Fkhalf161576d ago

the only reason I know Arkham Knight is gonna be great game is because its Rocksteady game, their track record of the previous titles shouldn't have any doubts that they will deliver.

mkis0071576d ago

Same reason we trust Naughty Dog, same reason some dont trust certain platform makers. Track record influences our decisions.

Human nature. Trust is earned.

lord zaid1576d ago

That is all very true. Which is why I would for some reviews from sources i trust, before buying the bundle.

Even in my irrationality, i am rational. Sometimes.

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slappy5081577d ago

I do have my preorder lined up, although I'm still hooked on Destiny on my ps4,.. so it probably won't see much action until SHadow of Mordor comes out

Sillicur1577d ago

Glad to hear you are still enjoying Destiny, wish one could continue your progress on the Xbox One, would at least warm your Xbox up for Shadow of Mordor then :)

slappy5081576d ago

Yeah 2 destiny legendary grinds: ain't nobody got time for that. That's not to say I won't take advantage of the xbox one. Launch special: get a game for less than half price on launch day if you buy xbox one in the Same transaction. I've got my eye on either dead rising/metro redux/ killer instinct.

plut0nash1577d ago

The launch specials aren't bad really.

Sillicur1577d ago

Not bad yeh, still a bit too rich for my taste :)

MetroidFREAK211577d ago

Is $400 really that much? Really, a $100 drop a few months after release is good. I bought the system at $499 early December... $400 for a gaming platform isn't bad. Oh wait, what am I talking about. "Its an Xbox... Makes unpowered overpriced consoles hahahahahaha" I'm bound to read a comment like that for this article... I know it

Foehammer1577d ago

Price for the X1 and Kinect is the same, except when bundled with a game.

The $100 lower price is for a different SKU, one without a Kinect

MetroidFREAK211576d ago

I still think $400 for a next gen system either an Xbox One or PS4 is well worth the money

jnemesh1576d ago

So we can expect another...what? 500 units a week from this market? MAYBE 1,500 at launch?