EA Mainstay Neil Young Quits

Kotaku: "According to an internal email forwarded to Newsweek's Level Up, long time Electronic Arts fixture Neil Young-pictured contemplating something-has left the company. Young had been at EA for over a decade, heading up EA's Los Angeles studio and, prior to leaving, the EA Blueprint division. The EA Blueprint endeavor was an attempt by the mega-publisher to create lower cost content with smaller teams based on original intellectual property."

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cp683775d ago

Have the elders finally come to realize how low EA has dropped from the past 2.5 years? Glad to hear some did, and took the right initiave of quitting the company. EA is a shame to the gaming industry, they are ruining every single game.

I hoped EA would react positively within the next few catastrophic months, but i was wrong. After what they've done to THE ORANGE BOX, how cannot you feel hatred towards EA?