Sony and The Last of Us dominates UK August charts

The latest report from GfK Chart-Track shows Sony's action horror adventure drove sales for the month, with Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Ultimate Evil Edition coming in second position. The Last of Us took the No.1 spot comfortably, selling 35 times more units than its second place rival.

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triangle_todd1487d ago

Can't believe TLoU sold 35 times more units than Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Ultimate Evil Edition. WOW o____O

Hellsvacancy1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

No offence to Diablo 3 but it was kinda obvious The Last Of Us would sell more, TLOU appeals to a wider audience, Diablo 3 appeals to, well, people that have played the previous Diablo games, mainly PC gamers

Then again i've never played a Diablo game and i'm looking forward to trying Diablo 3 once I get a PS4 so what the hell am I talking about?

I'll try again, TLOU appeals to a wider audience (story telling, gameplay etc) Diablo 3 appeals to people that like action role-playing video game, people like me

iain041487d ago

That's the best comment ever.

Jury1487d ago

Too many people tell me they love Diablo. I think I may get it when it gets a price drop. Not sure if it's my type of game though...

The last of us is my type of game however. Best game ever!

ceballos77mx1487d ago

I cant believe that colonial marines is on that list!!

triangle_todd1487d ago

That TLoU: R sold 35 times more units than D3 RoS UEE is new. The new source here also includes the complete top 40 ranking of the UK sales which wasn't available previously.

kneon1487d ago

So then TLOU sold more than the rest of the top 40 COMBINED. That's unexpected.

HanzoHattori1487d ago

No surprise here. TLOU is an epic game in a class by its self. Japanese gamers don't usually have much interest in western style games. So you can pretty much assume that if Japanese gamers are buying this game, it probably is really good.

chrissx1487d ago

TLOU is timeless. near perfection

Knushwood Butt1486d ago

Yeah, after just beating the main game a second time (this time on Hard), I have to agree that it's near perfection. Plus, on PS4 it's buttery smooth and the photo mode is cool.

Looking forward to playing the main game and Left Behind on Survival difficulty.

Samus HD1487d ago

UK has no taste in gaming!
i love the last of us though

RosweeSon1487d ago

We all drink tea and have scones with the queen as well, apparently.

Catoplepas1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

Perpetuating a stereotype or not, tea and scones are delicious. The queen on the other hand I couldn't care less about.

bumnut1487d ago

You forgot to mention your butler

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