Shadow Of Mordor TV Spot

WB Games have released a TV trailer for the upcoming Lord of the Rings game Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor.

Shadow of Mordor will be available on September 30th and October 3rd for Next-gen systems in NA and the EU respectively while the current-gen versions will be released slightly later on November 18th and 21st in the NA and EU respectively.

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ScorpiusX1579d ago

This looks like it has fun and awesome all over it , hence making it a day one buy.

SniperControl1579d ago

Yeah, i was in two minds about pre-ordering this game as i was gonna wait for the reviews, but what i have seen so far impressed me enough to part with my money for a PC pre-order.

Roll on for next Tuesday!

KnightRobby1579d ago

Seriously can't wait to play this one! The actual gameplay looks like it will be the thing that sales the game! :)

--bienio--1579d ago

Ready for this game 😉

1nsomniac1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

The game looks pretty awesome but I'm going to hold off until sometime after release to get real reviews.

It's funny how TV spots showing E3 awards have now become the opposite of how they were intended. With Titanfall, Watch_Dogs & now Destiny. They've turned into an indication that you should avoid rather than purchase. Very strange as it publicly shows just how corrupted the industry has become.

This is the perfect example of the damage its caused as I really want this game but these awards have put me off instantly lol never thought that would ever happen.

PS3gamer4life1579d ago

Day 1 next game im getting after I beat tlou remastered

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