Kotaku Said Destiny is Boring Five Months Ago, But Nobody Believed Them

"Is Destiny what you wanted it to be? Or just another Watch Dogs."

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Smurf11584d ago

It is not "boring". It just has a poor campaign and is an unfinished game. The gameplay is really good.

Even the multiplayer has a horrible announcer. I love Crucible but that guy gets on my nerves.

It's little things like these that make Destiny an average game.

MrSwankSinatra1584d ago

Being an "Unfinished Game" is a little thing? How far has the gaming community fallen to the point where a game being unfinished is consider little?

Mr Pumblechook1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

Regardless of whether you think Destiny is or isn't boring ISN'T the issue.

Five months ago a 'journalist' from Kotaku playing Destiny for 45 minutes was not enough to pass judgement on the final quality of the game. Sure you can form a first impression but to pre-review a game like that shows a lack of professionalism and demonstrates that the reviewer hasn't done their job of evaluating a title fully.

BUT THE REAL STORY IS THIS IS A WHITE KNIGHT DEFENCE PIECE OF PATRICIA HERNANDEZ the woman who was accused in the scandal of praising games of her live in friend/ girlfriend on Kotaku. What legitimate website goes back and does this, finds an article from months ago to try and convince gamers and N4G readers that Hernandez is actually a credible respectable journalist?! If Stephen Totilo was any sort of professional he would have fired her. and Dragos Dobre should be ashamed of themselves, they cannot pull the wool over my eyes and I will not be reading their articles again.

NarooN1584d ago

@Mr. Pumblechook

Stephen Totillo is a worthless trashbag. If you haven't already, go look up the clip where he was interviewing David Jaffe, and Jaffe just totally gets fed up with his BS and annihilates him (verbally, of course.)

bouzebbal1584d ago

It's Bungie so it obviously can't go wrong.. Typical fanboys.

badboyz091584d ago

All shooters are boring. Destiny was just overhyped.

NukaCola1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

Regardless of Destiny's outcome... Kotaku has no creditability anyway. This is like when Pachter happens to "not be wrong" for once and articles pop up acting as if he's Nostradamus.

KodevEx1584d ago

He probably plays mobile app games. ;)

esemce1584d ago

It's okay you can buy the rest of the game later as DLC, Bungie and Activision just did'nt want to overwhelm us gamers with too much awesome content at once.

God bless DLC and god bless Bobby Koldic!

_-EDMIX-_1584d ago

LOL! What wrong with game has more to do with design then with content.

Its just made very poorly.

Patrol is a damn joke.

The campaign is extremely bad.

Kill enemies, kill boss, narration, repeat. THAT is the campaign. It was so bad, I just stopped at The Moon.

If I'm going to just see this junk over and over again on strikes and Raids, I'm not going to waste my time on playing it (just because) its literally a waste of my time as it offers little value in terms of experiences.

UltraNova1584d ago

Getting it right or wrong, Kotaku, doesn't mean we believe anything you publish to begin with.

XBLSkull1584d ago

I knew that after the first gameplay footage. It was obvious the game wasn't nearly as good as bungies last 5 games. Only reason it was hyped like it was is because it was bungie on PlayStation and PlayStation is still desperately looking for something to have that is as good as Halo, so fanboys made it into a holy grail. Not the case.

jmc88881584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

Is Warframe finished? How about WoW?

The fact is these types of games start with one level of content and end on a vastly other level.

Was the starting level a bit light, of course, I've said so every time. It is lighter then we were promised.

But, people still keep thinking the game ends at 20, but it doesn't. They have a few hard things for you to do after. Did you get Exotic gear? If not, you aren't finished. Did you beat the Vault of Glass? Nope. You aren't finished.

Plus it has multiplayer.

Hell some people will be happy just buying it for multiplayer.

So many franchises where people mostly only play the multiplayer, and if they play the single player it's a short 4-12 hours.

We were sold that it was going to be massive, and it wasn't. SO I get the blowback, and I understand it deserves some, and I give it some. But people are taking it far past what it deserves.

People are so moronic they can't come down with a CORRECT judgement upon the game. They either have to say it's perfectly fine or completely sucks, because they can't be bothered with properly pegging it.

Since Destiny got this treatment, there are a WHOLE SLEW of games upcoming that will too. After all, if a multiplayer mode that you can spend hundreds of hours on, and a single player mode that can give you 10-15 story and another 30 of grinding post 20 level (for 1 character) to start with is light, then 90+ percent of every other game released better be brought down as well.

Destiny will be getting more content. How much more, I don't know. How much behind a DLC paywall? Probably most. But it's already got more than Battlefield and Call of Duty Series, not to mention Titanfall. It's got way more then any 10-15 hour single player only game, which most are.

So let's put some crap in perspective. Destiny isn't what we thought it was going to be. It doesn't have some big universe to travel in. You can't explore the entire world. It's got alot less content then you thought. I agree with all of this. You're disappointed, I am too.

But this doesn't change the fact, that it still has MORE content then most games out there, and has more coming. Nor does it mean you should spew lies about it. Being like this towards Destiny, is like copying every bad review of a game because they didn't take the time to review it correctly. I've seen so many complain about reviewers, yet the public at large is guilty of the same with Destiny.

I'll complain about the lack of content, but what I won't do, is overlook REALITY to make a point, which because they overlook REALITY is not a valid point. It's kind of hard to take people serious when they say there is NO content, just because it's alot lighter then you thought. Lighter then you thought, but more then most everyone else, does not mean no content. It simply means Bungie promised way more then it ended up being. So we have a right to be mad, but at least be mad correctly.

Mega241584d ago

jmc8888 is the voice of reason, people keep beating the dead horse so you enter their websites, the same people that insulted us, the gaming community, a month back. Are you so easy to forget.

Also, I challenge everyone here to proof that bungie "overhyped" the game, and post these so called promises that they broke. I will only accept source that come from bungie itself and not just any lying gaming journo.

kwyjibo1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

When a significant percentage of the player base choose to sit back farming mobs in a cave - you know that any alternative activity must be mediocre.

Anyone who preorders games has fallen into the overhype trap. Bungie could have delivered a shit on a plate, and it'd still have $500M in sales because you all bought into the marketing.

DragonKnight1584d ago

Two of you got it wrong. David Jaffe blasted Ben Kuchera, not Stephen Totilo.

Anyway, nobody believes Kotaku now for the same reason they've never believed Kotaku. Kotaku is the treadmarks on the underwear of the gaming journalism sphere. Bought and paid for by the SJW narrative, there is no reason to put any stock in anything Kotaku has to say.

I wouldn't be surprised if Totilo forces every writer there to contribute to Anita Sarkeesian's Patreon just like that other site did.

Chrischi19881584d ago

Look guys, the thing is, Destiny is a great game, which got overhyped, so people persuaded themselves, like this game will change gaming forever. It is a good game, well made and all, but it is still just a normal game. This again just proves, there is no such thing as NEXT GEN GAMES, only in the heads of wild fanboys. Graphics look better then before on next gen, but the games itself are not different in any way. Ego Shooters are still ego shooters, no new way of input, what the hell were people really expecting? This is the biggest problem in gaming right now, that people try to make themselves believe, that something is soooooo special, that nothing before can come close to it, but this is just not true. Graphics look better, but gameplay... how does better graphics improve gameplay anymore? It is not like differences between a full 3D game and a NES game. 4K looks better than 720p, but the games in 4K wont offer anything new, that 720p couldnt handle. If you understand what point I am trying to make.

BootyBandit1584d ago

Best game I've played in years when it comes to online PvP. And I loved exploring the areas as well. Anyone not playing this online is missing out. Excellent level design for multiplayer and incredible net code which is to be expected from Bungie.

Benchm4rk1583d ago


"Anyone not playing this online is missing out"

The game can only be played online. If anyone was playing this game offline id be asking how :-p

NarooN1581d ago


This is late, but David did blast Stephen, Ben was the guy who recorded the audio from that clip. Ben was the one who posted that clip to begin with, lol. That's Stephen's voice you hear, not Ben's.

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hkgamer1584d ago

poor campaign and an unfinished game sounds like a boring game to me.

gameplay can be great but if the world is boring then its boring. its what a lot of multiplayer games suffer from.

Albie3601584d ago

Dear Xblskull

Halo and Bungie was always shit!
The only reason it was a success, is because there was nothing better on xbox.
Why do all of you think destiny got these low scores? If it was xbox exclusive it would have gottent 9 and 10's.

buttclown1584d ago

Halo and Bungie was not always crap as you so claim. The first 2 games were nearly perfect and genre-defining at the time. The last few were disappointing, at least to me.

Destiny is it's own beast. It delivers great gameplay and awesome level design but leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to story design, character variation, and weapon variation. It's getting the scores it is because of those reasons, nothing to do with Xbox.

spacedelete1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

it is "boring". theres nothing good about the game. pvp is just a rehashed COD and story is plain stupid were the non playable characters don't want to tell you whats going on with the worst writing than even a COD game. only people defending are stupid Sony fanboys just because its a Bungie game on PlayStation. i'm a PS4 owner by the way but i know a turd when i see it and Destiny is a turd. if anything the 6/10 scores is too high for Destiny. funny thing is if it wasn't for the hate it got everyone would have forgotten about it a few days after it released.

TimeSkipLuffy1584d ago

I don't think Destiny is worth all the hype but it is a solid shooter. As a PS fan I am just to spoiled with games that has a great story. That is why it is hard to get on one term with a game like Destiny.

_-EDMIX-_1584d ago

Not sure what you mean because I was on the alpha and beta and got the game day 1.

I own it on PS4 and its a bad game. The idiots defending this game are on many platforms.

The game released on 4 you know. LOL! I once again...OWN IT ON PS4....its a bad game, i 100% agree, but don't just label and generalize all of gaming. Not everything is fanboy related buddy LOL!

Larry L1584d ago

First of all, only a Xbox Xombie fanboy would say something like "only Sony fanboys defnd this game". It's such an ignorant statement, and shows that you have no comprehension of the absolute basics of life. Well, here's lesson #1: All people that aren't brainwashed by propaganda or indoctrination have a mind and consciousness of their own, which means they at least have the ability to form their own opinions on any subject, including video games believe it or not. Go on and see if it's only PSN gamers loving Destiny and saying positive things about the game. In fact I'd probably say that there are far more XBL players actively posting on there than PSN gamers. And they're all getting along BTW, not calling each other fanboys.........seems it's a more mature gamer that enjoys Destiny, but I digress.

I'd also like to know how someone liking a game you or someone else doesn't, makes them an idiot? The logic going through you two guys' heads is pretty rediculous. People don't enjoy different games? I don't even like shooters that much (only really like Unreal and Killzone), but I'm really loving Destiny. I'm an idiot for that?!

The funny thing is, I'm not even enjoy Destiny as a shooter. I mean it's shooting mechanics are tight, almost perfect really considering how casual it is with all the auto-aim assist, which I typically hate in shooters. Maybe I don't mind it in Destiny because like I said, it's almost not even a shooter to me. For me, the reason I love it so much is that I'm a HUGE Monster Hunter fan, and Destiny is really like the same thing as Monster Hunter as wierd as that sounds.

It's collecting quests and hunts (bounties and events) on a daily or weekly basis (just like Monster Hunter's online events), going through and grinding the same handfull of maps, with the same mobs, and taking out the same tough bosses at the end over and over, in the ever persistent search of rare loot and crafting meterials. Almost NEVER getting the one piece you need (until you eventually do), so you can finally get that next guild level (or level over 20 in Destiny's case) or armor piece you've been saving for. The same comparison could be made between Destiny and Diablo, or Demon's/Dark Souls, or Champions of Norrath or WoW.

Destiny imo, has far more in common with Monster Hunter or Diablo than it does with Halo. And that's why I can't put the game down. But I guess according to you two rational fellas, that makes me both a fanboy and an idiot. Thanks. You two better like every game I like too, otherwise I think you're both idiot fanboys right back.

breakpad1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

i ve said it from the first moment i saw it in E3

Mustang300C20121584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

Same here but here is what is funny, I am not a reviewer or a website and my opinion was the same that many have said in reviews from all the information we got before the beta launched. Yet the only reviewer I trust is me. I don't hold stock about games in others opinions to sway me one way or another. Been playing games too long to need to wait for a review. Stopped worry about reviews since Nintendo Power. Destiny just didn't get bought by me simply because it didn't show me anything about why I want to play this game. no interest in the story and the Beta gave me what gamers have confirmed to be a barren environment and no variety to what you do. So I saved myself money on my own personal interest. Some people bought into the hype some didn't and held expectations in check. That's how it goes. You don't claim a 10 year run and go out the gates with literally no story let alone telling someone access details of the story on a website or App outside the game. This coming from Someone that knew how to tell a story in-game and novels over the years.

Blastoise1584d ago

The announcer in Destiny is cool

kopite961584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

he sounds like terrance stamp from superman 2...."kneel before zod superman"

Aceman181584d ago

It doesn't bore me when I'm playing lol.

Magnes1584d ago

@smurf1 exactly. As for this story I didn't believe it was boring then and now I've played it I know they where wrong. I love how a vocal few are on a smear campaign for this game. Everyone I know from hard core to casual that has played this game loves it.

Death1584d ago

The game is average at best. The core gameplay mechanics are fine, but nothing we didn't expect or haven't seen with the Halo games Bungie made. The story is interesting, but not told very well. Patrol is a joke by rehashing the same map and just changing objectives within it. There is quite a bit Bungie could have done to make the game better, but they didn't. There is no exporation and the map sizes seem tiny since they represent an entire planet. I'm still a little surprised that planet earth is nothing more than a few acres of land in Russia. I've only made it to the moon so far and am glad it's not made of swiss cheese like many believe. I was more than dissappointed when gravity on the moon was represented exactly the same as Russia. I would think that wearing the exact same armor and carrying the exact same equipment on the moon that doesn't have the exact same gravity would have slightly different physics. Maybe my jumps would be a little bit higher or head shots would leave heads floating around. Something. Exploring the moon and finding the original lunar lander would have been cool. Hotwiring it and cruising around cooler yet.

I think it is less dissappointment in what Destiny is and more dissappointed in what Destiny could be. It doesn't feel next gen in any way.

Magnes1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

@death your points are valid but they said ten year life span. I would say that new areas on earth will be added as well as on the other planets and more planets as well. If you compare World of warcraft vanilla maps ,professions, classes, to the WoW of today I'm sure you see where im going with this.

buttclown1584d ago

10 year life span does not excuse a $60 plus price tag with the lack of content on day one. It will also make it worse if expansions are lackluster and cost money.

Magnes1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

If you can't get 60 dollars of enjoyment out of this game you must only enjoy about five games a year. Or you don't enjoy this hybrid FPS/MMO genre.

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frostypants1584d ago

Keep polishing that turd.

Larry L1584d ago

Well, to be fair.......both The Mythbusters and Final Fantasy 14 proved that you can indeed polish a turd.

And I think Destiny needs less polishing than those two turds. I think everyone's basic opinion of Destiny (which imo starts with the fact that the whole story of the game is not in the game but locked away on in the form of the grimoires we unlock) would have started right off on a more positive note if every time we unlocked a Grimoire with the game's story, Dinkle-bot popped up and started telling us that story instead of directing us to their stupid website to read it on our own time.

I dedicate what time I can to actual gaming, I don't have extra hours upon hours for going on to read these things. Dinkle-bot should be reading the grimoires to me.

Other than that, I love the game.

RedDevils1583d ago

Destiny is one of the new turd

JsonHenry1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

I thought it was rather drole myself. Not because it is a bad game but because there just isn't much to do in the game and loot is a joke. And the repetitive gameplay in the beta alone was enough to turn me off to the final product.

This game will be worth getting after a year or so of new content, balances, and tweaks to the gameplay most likely.

Larry L1584d ago

I didn't give you one of those disagrees, but count me among people who disagree with your loot comment. I like the loot system. STuff drops at a good rate regardless of what you're playing, and rare items are actually rare, however there is still a constant stream of loot better or even but with different abilities than what you have currently. As you level up, so does the loot, and a couple times a day, I get something really special I want for my self or to vault up for another character.

Your comment goes to show that alot of people ruined this game for themselves expecting to max out their character in a week, and don't enjoy grinding for ultra-rare loot once you hit and exceed that soft-cap. Sorry guy, but in MMORPGs and Loot-grinding games like WoW or Monster Hunter, hitting that level cap is just the beginning of the grind.

I personally think Destiny does a good job of breaking up the grind by basically making a "loop" of stuff you can just do daily to maximize your yield if you want to. You start by picking up some PVE bounties for places you're going to hit. Do your daily stikes then do some patrol events/some grinding (there are MANY places to farm engrams, not just one cave. EVerything has a similar drop rate) to finish off any kill/experience bounties. Go check your engrams, if you get anything good, equip it before cashing in your bounties to level up the weapon/armor. Then grab some more PvE bounties or grab some PvP bounties and do like 5-10 Crucible games (or more if you enjoy it) to get those bounties.

Do loops like this (in any order you like, there are no rules to what you have to do) every day, or other day......whenever you and your friends are playing, and you will have a constant and steady stream of loot and the various currencies in the game. People make the game borring for themselves. They are choosing to just grind on Earth, but there are three other planets with mobs and public events to grind so it's not the same thing over and over.

TAURUS-5551584d ago

i loved it once i got to level 20. fromthere it feelt amazing and quite addictive.

omg its so hard to level up. and i love that.

BallsEye1584d ago

You make sense. Exactly my thoughts. Why so many disagrees?

ramiuk11584d ago

im loving it although its annoying me last couple of days stuck at lvl 25.

geddesmond1584d ago

Honestly though from past experiences I would never take anything kotaku said on board. If I did I would have missed out on some great gaming experiences I loved but they told people were crap. Destiny is a good game but it can get repetitive doing the same missions over and over in search for better gear and weapons.

But it's not boring. You get bored doing strikes and missions on harder difficulty then go play some crucible. You get bored of that the do some patrols and don't play any game for hours on end as they all get boring after playing them for too long.

Eddie201011584d ago

Like Kotaku is credible in any way.

BlackWolf121583d ago

Boring is a matter of perspective.

I wish people would stop talking like it is a matter of fact that Destiny is not enjoyable, I am loving the game.

There has been several million copies of the game sold, and a few thousand on the internet complaining, so what do people really think?

ITPython1583d ago

For such a "boring" game it's amazing how I can sink hours upon hours into it without even noticing how fast the time is flying by.

And for how "boring" it is, I find it amazing that a HUGE chunk of my friends list is playing the game on a nearly constant basis.

The game is only "boring" for people who don't like this genera and/or are too lazy to grind for all the loot and upgrades, and would rather these things be handed to them easily and predictably like in the COD games.

It simply amazes me how much hate the game is getting because people are absolutely ignorant of how to play/enjoy it and don't understand the type of game it is. Destiny isn't COD or Halo, and people need deal with this fact. It is a MMORPG with a very large focus on grinding and putting a LOT of time and dedication into it to start seeing worthy upgrades and loot.

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SniperControl1584d ago

I kinda agree, I loved playing the beta, but i didnt get the game in the end due to my concerns regarding longevity and repetitiveness.
I might just pick this up on trade-in or wait for the PC version.

ScottyHoss1584d ago

It's worth getting if you have friends playing it or are willing to find people, possibly a clan, within the community to play with.

KingKelloggTheWH1584d ago

Destiny has problems, but it is not boring.

Besides, we shouldn't be acting like Kotaku is a viable source of well...Anything, they are not a good site, they troll things just for clicks and people fall for it. Please don't support them.

morganfell1584d ago

Well said. Kotaku is a crap site. Even if you agree with them, (I do not), their being accidentally correct does not suddenly vindicate them for years of FUD as well as articles that were a disservice to the game community and developers.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

MRMagoo1231584d ago

They weren't right anyway not even accidentally right. There are loads of ppl on every night and that tells me it can't be that bad.

morganfell1584d ago

As I stated, I do not agree with them. But there are differing opinions. In this instance, the issue really isn' the quality of Destiny but rather Kotaku's inability to be correct due to intention and insight.

Scatpants1584d ago

The gunplay in destiny in the co op levels is some of the best and most fun I've played. I think Bungie is holding a lot back right now an is going to release periodic updates with new content. I think it's a little early to write Destiny off.

_-EDMIX-_1584d ago

Lets just also ignore IGN, Giantbomb, Forbes, etc I'm sorry but one needs to read a bit more from other sites to understand this isn't just a damn "Kotaku" idea.

This is pretty much the wide opinion of the gaming community.

I own the game day 1 and 100% agree with what most are saying. Boring doesn't even begin to describe parts of Destiny.

Hate or love Kotaku is besides the point, its pretty irrelevant because you might as well say this about the whole damn industry then.

So...with 7's and even 6's its very clear something is wrong with this game.

This is one of Bungies lowest Metacritic games too by the way.

jts18911584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

I could care less about the scores a bunch of 'critics' give a game when they gave crap like Dark Souls a 9 and the latest COD high 8's.

For example, the Giantbomb review is full of crap. They claim there are only '4 cutscenes in the entire game!' and that it's light on lore and world-building. Nevermind that there are far more than than 4 cut scenes, and that it gives more information than games like Gears of War and Halo did in their first games.

Also, he claims that aside from one or two missions, every level boils down to having ghost hack a computer while you fight off waves of enemies. This is just plain false. Out of 26 missions, only 11 have this mechanic, and even then it only makes up a fraction of the overall level.

Pretty much all the reviews contain glaring factual inaccuracies.

EvilWay1584d ago


Dark Souls is a great game. One of my favorites from last generation

jts18911584d ago

If you enjoyed it, that's fine. But that game had massive, glaring flaws that everyone seems to overlook. There is virtually no plot for most of the game. For the first several hours of gameplay, you are told that you are 'Undead' and that you have to ring the 'Bells of Awakening', but it doesn't give you any real reason to care about what's going on. Which is a major issue considering that you have to grind continuously to get through the game at all.

Add in the mediocre soundtrack, the terrible character design, and the horrible graphics, and there is no way it deserved a 9. It's only positive was the gameplay, which had some of the best combat mechanics in any RPG that I've ever played.

OhReginald1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )


You know if you keep talking like that people will just think you are crazy. Just a heads up.

Death1584d ago

Gears and Halo had a much more immersive story even early on. They also have some excellent books that build on the story and make it more compelling. Destiny could have an excellent story to it too, but so far it's extremely generic and takes too many cues from Gears and Halo. A locked door that someone obviously didn't want opened...I was waiting for the flood to come out, but it turned out it was the Lambent instead. Real nail bitter there.

I would like to see Bungie talk to Eric Nyes or Karen Traviss. They did an amazing job filling out the Halo and Gears universe.

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amnalehu1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

After playing the game for 20+ hours I still don't believe them. How many AAA games to you get 10-15 hours of fun out of? Destiny has provided at least that and then some and will only grow with time.

AngelicIceDiamond1584d ago

True in some sense but people are completely ignoring what Destiny promised a year ago vast worlds with deep exploration. Or at least that's what it sounded like.

Kotaku maybe right this time but I'm not cickin on anything that links to them.

JeffGUNZ1584d ago

I think a lot of people didn't understand that these planets and massive space exploration will be throughout the lifetime of the franchise. I think we have a lot to explore right now and with expansions and whatnot, the game will continue to develop. A lot of people had unrealistic expectations on the content of this game. It's a project that spans 10 years, not the first single release. Destiny, the first installment, gets the bones of the game going. Expansions and sequels will only make it grow into a masterpiece.

A lot of people don't like this game simply because they are FPS fans or have no interest in games with loot and grinding. You have to be that kind of gamer to really love this game.

EvilWay1584d ago


I see your point but why should you have to wait for the experience they intended?

I am not a big fan of buying DLC because it is never worth it, so I usually pass on games that are gonna be based on DLC.

Fishy Fingers1584d ago

It's pretty much exactly what I expected. Other than the voice work. That's terrible, especially in PvP.