Destiny Players Experiencing Vault of Glass Raid Loot & Completion Bug

MP1st - Users who’ve recently completed the raid have posted concerns on the Bungie forums that they are experiencing a lack of post-raid loot and are even stating that the game isn’t telling them that they cleared the raid, even though they’ve received achievements/trophies showing that they did.

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Nitrowolf21585d ago

Took us forever to complete it. But we did then this happened. Most of the members got gear though, all i got were 3 ascendant energy. Such garbage that they would limit it once a week with no gaurentee that youll get gear. Those things can be farmes in like 20 min on earth.

ramiuk11584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

how do u get 3 A Energy? are they same as shards?
and in 20 mins on earth?
i been tryingto get them so i can rank up for ages

PFFT1584d ago

Dismantle any Legendary weapons you dont want and BOOM there's your Ascendant energy.

temple1584d ago

Ascendant energy is for legendary/exotic weapons; I think it's rarer than shards, but considering how randomized everything is, that could just be my experience. Shards are for armors. Neither is very common, but doing the daily heroic mission on harder difficulties nets you a few of either one.

ramiuk11584d ago

im really struggling getting past lvl 25 and have 2 A shards.
starting to take fun or enjoyment out of game feeling stuck

temple1583d ago

Daily heroic missions will net you shards or energy if you play them at higher difficulties.