Offering A Final Fantasy XV Demo Is A Step In The Right Direction For Square Enix

GI: The road to Final Fantasy XV has been long and winding. The game that started off as Final Fantasy Versus XIII was announced at E3 2006 and very little information surfaced about the title up until it transformed into Final Fantasy XV last year. In a way, it was gutsy move to make it a mainline title. After all, it was always depicted as more of an action game, something the numbered entries haven’t touched. Not to mention, a lengthy development timeline already raises some doubts and concerns. Is this a game we’ll even experience? Is it a quality title? Why has there been such a delay in any information?

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sonypsnow1583d ago

Kalkano comment on an Action-RPG, "Skyrim is the greatest video game ever made.".

Playable Demo can help improve the game's gameplay and Many People can't wait to help Final Fantasy XV achieve Greatness.

iamtehpwn1583d ago

That Kalkano does love trolling FFXV articles with comments about how "If it's not turn based it's the worst game ever", and while I love Turn based I do think the real time system of XV is a smart move to create a seamless world.