Destiny: How to Get Super Good Advice - Machine Gun Weapon Guide

Super Good Advice is an Exotic Heavy Machine Gun is another Exotic weapon which you can found in Destiny through the exotic weapon bounty mission line. Much like Horn Hand Cannon, this bounty is also random. This batch of exotic includes, “Toland’s Legacy” a fusion rifle – “A Voice in The Wilderness” a heavy Machine Gun and the 3rd for right to left is Horn Hand Cannon.

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TIER1xWOLFPACKx1485d ago

*thorn hand cannon not horn

joab7771485d ago

I've done all my bounties everyday and never had one. But I've gotten a few purple engrams and have 0 legendaries. I didn't wanna farm but I have to. 3 hrs at the cave, no purples. And I'm done w/ sunainger, 5 more for voidwalker. Stuck at 24.

ScottyHoss1485d ago

I had the same problem, no legendary items at level 24, my advice is buy your first one and reach 25. Not sure if it's a looting system glitch or what but 24 is the most unlucky level for legendary items. After that I've gotten 3 in 2 days compared to 0 for a week or so.

daBUSHwhaka1485d ago

After handing in around 70+ bounties I got mine today.

OmegaShen1485d ago

I got this gun, its not that great. I love my zombie a LMG.

Mega241485d ago

Patience and Time is pretty awesome(Exotic Sniper) and Invective also is pretty amazing(Bounty Fullauto Shotty). I've haven't gotten this one yet.

daBUSHwhaka1485d ago

The apocalypse is a good LMG.Shame the clip size.

OmegaShen1485d ago

What you mean? My has 75 clip, wish works perfect for me. Just got the "Gjallarhorn" from the cryptarch from ranking him up (got a legendary engram that became it).

GuruStarr781485d ago

Just got the exotic bounty today to unlock an exotic shotgun... they're hella tedious though, as to what you have to do to get it... not sure whether it's worth it..

Cryptcuzz1485d ago

How do you get exotic bounties? I play almost everyday and have yet to see an exotic bounty. I always do a few bounties each day as well and have yet to see an exotic bounty. Are they yellow as opposed to the red for the crucible bounties and gray for the PVE bounties?

GusBricker1485d ago

Just do a lot of bounties and you get mail about the exotic bounties.

Cryptcuzz1485d ago

Thanks Gusbricker! I'm going to go try it out now :)

Pinkdolphinyfg1485d ago

Its a lottery my friend i got one 5 days after Destiny launched.

Cryptcuzz1485d ago


Yeah I guess I just have tremendous bad luck then. Did 4 to 5 bounties just now and nothing. Thanks for the info my friend!

I hope Bungie makes drops for exotic and and legendary gears more attainable. Just a slight boost to make things easier would make more people with not so much time to grind a lot more happy.

I also don't like how legendary and exotic engrams can be for random classes. I got an exotic engram and a legendary engrams and they are both not for my class when decrypting them.

GuruStarr781485d ago

I pretty much got it outta no where! I've done about 4 bounties a day (mostly crucible) and one just "popped" the other day when I was turning in some.

They give you an option of 3 different bounties to choose from. Knowing what I know now, I'd look up the actual items you'll get for completing the bounties on google or something to see if it's something you'll want, as opposed to just choosing one, as they're pretty long and tedious chores.

It's really cool though, and is just one o those neat surprises in the game.

Good Luck!

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THA_SNOWMAN87321485d ago

They seem to trigger after turning in multiple vanguard bounties at once