12 Upcoming Video Game Sequels Nobody Asked For

Here are 12 video game sequels nobody asked for, yet for some reason, they’re being inflicted on gamers anyway!

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CerealKiller1491d ago

"Sleeping Dogs, while far from a terrible game, just wasn’t one that had players crying out for a sequel"

Are you kidding me? Everyone who played that game asked for a sequel.

1489d ago
ScorpiusX1490d ago

Didn't know a company needed to ask me if they could make a game , a follow up or even DLC. Wow who knew this generation was the entitled one .

WeAreLegion1489d ago

Every generation is the entitled generation. The internet just magnifies it.

ScorpiusX1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

Miss the days of knowing what game was coming due to the article in the publication of the time and how we played couch co-op , discussed what system was better and just had fun enjoying the games .seem to all gone to crap to due to the necessary evil that is the internet.

WeAreLegion1489d ago

Yeah. The internet has magnified everything, sadly. I love this stupid thing, but it's a necessary evil at this point. :/

DualWielding1490d ago

Have Tekken X Street Fighter been re-confirmed? Actually I think lot of people are looking forward to seeing how the Street Fighter casts hold on a 3D fighter

Saelyn1489d ago

Even if we asked we still wouldn't get them. :(

1489d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.