‘Destiny’ Loot Cave Farming Explodes; Exploit Or Smart Counter To Bungie’s Endgame Grind?

INQ: Since Destiny is a hybrid between a first-person shooter and a MMORPG, high-level PlayStation and Xbox players find themselves grinding to obtain gear needed to level up to allow them to tackle endgame pieces like Heroic Strikes and Raids. This has inevitably led to an explosion of “farming” methods to snag the best loot as quickly as possible and why you may see players standing around firing into caves on Patrol Missions. But is this an exploit or the inevitable result of Bungie's endgame?

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ftwrthtx1490d ago

They should at the very least make sure when you do get a legendary or exotic item, that you can actually use the damn thing.

Omegasyde1490d ago

Exactly. When you are Level 24 and you do a Level 24 raid, and get a legendary Entogram.......

..........You should not get a decrypted entogram that pops out as a Blue Level 16 helmet.

Stick891490d ago

The raid is level 26 and wth is an entogram?

danthegamerfiend1490d ago

Have you even played destiny? raids are a level 26 requirement. And its a called a engram. Where do you entogram from?

Mikelarry1490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

Guys the earth cave farming has taken an interesting turn, all I can say is be careful and make sure you have a couple of friends around to watch your back ;) when doing this method

DivineCrusader1490d ago

By the Nine! Assault! Assault!

KwietStorm1490d ago

lol turned into an all out war after we pissed off the Hive enough.

kneon1490d ago

It periodically turns into a war regardless of what you do. The same thing happens on Venus with the vex and the fallen. When one of these massive battles starts it becomes a very target rich environment.

There are also some vex and cabal battles on Mars but I've never seen them escalate, but I expect if you hang around long enough they will as well.

HugoDrax1489d ago

LOL I know exactly what you're talking about too lol. I was standing there for about 10 minutes watching 2 random players farm the cave. Then all of a sudden "BOOM!" a SH*T STORM hahahaha, back to orbit I went.

TimeSkipLuffy1490d ago

I think if you find the exploit on your own, it is your decision to use it or not. But to use a guide AS A GAMER(!!!) is like taking away the fun of the game. Why ppl use guides instead of playing the game and just do it their own way? Even if it takes longer? Are they so bad at the game that they need the help of a game guide? I find it kinda boring to let others do the work and then just make it easy and copy what others have done. But maybe that is how the real world works, too.

SnakeCQC1490d ago

The game is seriously broken as an mmorpg. Doing hard raids doesn't guarantee anything special and getting legendary engrams have a chance of giving you crappy low level weapons too.

SnakeCQC1490d ago

This game just pisses me off soo much people shouldn't have to do this !! people should get awesome loot from doing strikes!! Another the weekly 100 cap on vanguard and crucible marks is insane!

Manubiggs1490d ago

Agreed. Plus I think you should be rewarded way more crucible and vanguard marks - or include items for vanguard / crucible rank 1 - have some low hanging fruit. It will take weeks of grinding repeatedly through the same strikes and crucible matches before I can get any high level equipment from those vendors. I am a working man with family - don't have time for that sh.....

SnakeCQC1490d ago

Exactly this^^ rank one weapons and armour would have been nice even if they were rare stuff.

JeffGUNZ1490d ago

So you're frustrated you haven't gotten all the best gear less than 2 weeks into the game? Come on.

SnakeCQC1490d ago

@jeffgunz I'm level 25 And have done quite a few level 20 plus raids and have got nothing in 50% and crappy low level stuff in the remaining 50%. All my good stuff have been found on these cave farms or every 30+ crucible matches.

JeffGUNZ1490d ago

I hear you, but if they made it more common to get this stuff, people would max everything out in a month. They want people to continue to actively play the game between expansions and releases. This is how it is done. It's frustrating, but you have to understand it's pretty common in games like this.

DarkZane1490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

They need to make it so Legendary engrams give legendary or exotic only and that exotic engrams (from Xur) only give exotic. Also need to make it so it's only from your class.

Or fix the obvious problem. The problem is that legendary engrams give blue items most of the time. They should give legendary most of the time, with a little chance for blue or exotic.

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