Final Fantasy XV is 50 to 60% Complete Says New Director

With a new Final Fantasy XV trailer from TGS and a playable demo on its way, it seems the anticipated title is finally making noticeable progress.

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Abash1486d ago

Every time I get all excited for this game Im immediately crushed right after. I just want to give up on this game at this rate, it's only half done?!

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LightDiego1486d ago

I wonder if The Last Guardian will come first, i want both....

Omegasyde1486d ago

I'd wager we see a starcraft 3 or diablo 4 before then.

Patrick_pk441486d ago

Still breaks my heart that we haven't seen new footage other them the original trailer for TLG.

iamtehpwn1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

50-60% isn't as bad as you may think depending on what the remainder is. Remember that the first 50% of the work is just establishing the engine and the fundamentals of the game. They also wouldn't be releasing a demo so soon if they weren't sure the game would be releasing within 6-12 months. No company puts out a demo for a game coming 365+ days later.

To put it in prospective, Type-0 is 80% complete right now, and it'll be a 100% by March. Which means FFXV, if it's moving at the same rate, would be around 70-80% compelete by the time of the demo, which is 6 months from now.

porkChop1486d ago

Except that the FF XV demo isn't releasing at the same time as Type-0 HD. You just get a code to download it when the demo actually releases.

Outside_ofthe_Box1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

Hmmm, that's a good perspective. So 20% per 6 months sounds like a reasonable pace. It's definitely possible for a September/October 20XV release for FFXV for Japan at least if we're going by that rate. My mind can rest at ease now, thanks.

PS3Freak1486d ago

Gran Turismo 5 Prolouge which is technically a demo, came out in 07 and GT5 released 3 years later.

But yeah, normally demos are released at least semi-close to the full release.

Patrick_pk441486d ago

People don't understand that certain parts of development are slower and other faster. For all we know the last 10-20% can be polishing, which doesn't even take that long. But we don't know what they are currently doing, I would give them some slack because they are actually still developing the game.

Snookies121486d ago

Not to mention, they had to change generations from PS3 to PS4/X1... So, that set them back a good bit. If they've already gotten to 50-60% since then, that's fantastic news. Means it shouldn't be too long now.

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princejb1341486d ago

50% is so low. Hasn't this game been in development for 5+ years? i guess we won't see this till 2016

Yokan1486d ago

Hey maybe we'll see it until 4500 A.E.

TheOtherVitaOwner1486d ago

I can tell you read the article because of how accurate your statement is

sonypsnow1486d ago

Last of Us have raised the standard for action games,
Final Fantasy XV has to meet such standard.

TheWackyMan1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

congrats on not reading the article. Edit: OH WAIT the article is actually missing information that I read somewhere else. Edit2: "Final Fantasy XV is 55 percent completed. That number, however, is misleading. That isn't 55 percent after eight years worth of work. This is 55 percent during the two years Tabata has joined the project. It's something that Square Enix want to be very clear."

Cha0tik1486d ago

There is an interview that he did recently and the game only really started development two years ago. The game that started 8 years ago no longer exists. Once he took over the development the project kinda started new. Here is the interview. It's an interesting read and it explains a lot. It also amazes me how far they have come in two years.

Stallion1486d ago

This isn't as bad news as it sounds. Anyone who codes or develops knows that most of the work is done during crunch time. Chances are they're only about a year away from completion, so here's calling a holiday 2015. The absolute latest would be 2016.

-Foxtrot1486d ago

Half done and a director changed

I'm a little worried about the new director I mean he's never done a main FF game before, just handheld games.

How can you just change a well respected director like Nomura to someone like him

Cha0tik1486d ago

Although he has never made a main FF game... FF Type-0 is amazing. i've already played the PSP version so I don't have a doubt in my mind that FFXV will be a nice change of pace as well as something the fans will enjoy.

KingKelloggTheWH1486d ago

The auto combat stuff is Disturbingly worrying..

I like to play my games, not have them do what they feel like should be done...

I am really not liking the direction he is taking the game.

Adrian_v011486d ago


I agree, I'm a bit worried right now. I was so hyped about the real time action combat system. As I see it now, you have menus where you set up something like gambits, an Auto-attack button where you watch the game play itself, and a defense button. And there's one article stating that now Noctis is the only playable character. If so, I want Nomura back as the director.

Magicite1486d ago

hopefully the hardest half is done. anyways its nice they are finally sharing info with us.

El_Assenso1486d ago

This game is still one of my most anticipated games but....and its a big but....with all the development its gone through, change of directors, change of platform as well as the huge expectations on it....

Square should have been quiet about how much of the game they have completed or the progress on the game, seeing as they have no release date. So since the new director came in they have progressed 2 years. I would hazard a guess that they have at least 1 1/2 to 2 years left.

Still don't trust SE.....

gman_moose1486d ago

Awesome! So by around 2022 we should be seeing the game hitting store shelves.Too bad I'll be busy with my PS6 at that point.

BlackWolf121485d ago

Only half done? After nearly 10 years in development?

This is getting to be worse than DNF.

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Pozzle1486d ago

Still so far away. :(

Fizzler1486d ago

It would be funny if FFXV, The Last Guardian and Agent all ended up releasing on the same day lol

Ashunderfire861485d ago

Wow heads will explode into redbull juice like the monsters from Sunset Overdrive! Damn PS4 will be even more unstoppable in sells. It would be overkill! Xbox 1 would be force to deliver its big guns like Halo 5, Gears of War 4, Quantum Break, and Crackdown reboot. Then Rise of the Tomb Raider will face off against Uncharted 4 next fall along with Battlefront 3 and Stars Wars 7 movie. Man what a wet dream!

Ocsta1486d ago

And it only took them 8 years! Absolutely ridiculous.

colonel1791486d ago

Not really. The game was just a concept when it was announced. It was more like: "We are going to make this game" instead of " We are developing this game". Also, the game was in development hell for a while because of the PS3 architecture. Then, the game was put on hold because Square Enix got the Lighting-itis so they put the team working on FFXV to work on FFXIII saga.

The team working is the same team that worked on Kingdom Hearts series, so they had to prioritize development of Birth by Sleep. Then they changed development to the PS4 and Xbox One (which according to the interview, was about the time Tabata joined).

The point is that the game has not been in development for 8 years. Also, what they mean about being at 50-60% is that they have completed the development of PS4 and Xbox One. I am sure that they have almost all the game laid out and they are just making it. Maybe they even have it "completed" for the PC (or their development kits they use) and they are just porting to PS4 and Xbox One, along with translations and all that stuff that goes later in development.

My guess is that the game will launch Worldwide in 2016. Making the process longer. If the game was to be released in Japan first, then it will most likely be released in Winter 2015. (Which could happen)

Ocsta1486d ago

Geez I actually feel better now ;). Thanks, that was pretty concise.

asiatico1486d ago

Its been such a long time coming. This really has got to be a once in a generation type game for the wait to have been worth it. Its looking really cool though so far.

Yokan1486d ago

Unacceptable to be honest..

user65409481486d ago

Persona games have been better than the last few FF games. I'll just play those and whenever FF 15 comes out i'll get it. After reviews first though, since FF 13 was trash.

ritsuka6661486d ago

Only been in development almost 9 years people. 50% sounds like they're making good jobbbbbbbb"!"

DEATHxTHExKIDx1486d ago

Geez rlly? I thought they were way more ahead especially since Nomura gave up the reigns to go work on KH3. Well at least they're giving us a demo.