10 Best Video Game Characters Of The New Generation

WC: Enough about those who missed the mark though, which were those that totally nailed their bullseyes with perfect precision? Who have you enjoyed playing as and hanging out with from the new consoles’ games?

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-Foxtrot1540d ago

Delsin wasn't very good in my opinion he had a cliché personality which came off as "Nathan Drake with powers". Least Cole it was refreshing to see someone who found his powers to be more of a curse in the beginning to soon face his responsibilities and become the hero (in the cannon story) the world needed.

Delsin was like a junkie, all he went on about was more powers and along with the same old missions of "finding core relays" which gave him new powers (the majority of them which were the same) made the game a tad boring compared to past games.

In the end I liked his brother Reggie and I felt like he should of been the one to get powers again because of his opinion on conduits. It would of been nice to see development for a character who hates conduits and has been brainwashed by the DUP propaganda to become one himself and through his experience learn the truth about them...that really they are just like normal people, there are bad conduits but there are good ones aswell.


It's why I wanted them to do a DLC on Reggie, like he ends up washing up on the beach a few days after the game where the DUP agents are still prowling the streets and he would be the one to help get rid of the last bunch of them while he learns to control his powers and accept conduits. They could of had his powers similar to Delsins except Reggie absorbs whatever he touches but because of this he's only allowed so many. So the first power would be water after nearly drowning, the next would be concrete off the DUP soldiers, the next would be glass and then maybe steel. Just a thought. Two brothers being conduits and having similar powers wouldn't be far fetched look at Scott Summers and his brother Alex

The ending for Delsin though defiantly needs to go off the evil one. I really hope they make him the real Beast from Kesslers timeline, it kind of makes sense and it would be such a twist.

TongkatAli1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

He had new Dantes personality, but it was a lot better and well written. I prefer Delsin to Cole, he was a very wooden character with horrible voice actors.

Your reaction to his character is also cliché, the character is a rebel and has wise cracks and your reaction is "Simpsons did it".

-Foxtrot1540d ago

Delsin has been done a ton of times, least Cole had some character to him and character impacted the story. Delsin was just "Find more core relays - Make wise cracking joke - More core relays - Another joke - More powers" and so on.

" the character is a rebel and has wise cracks "

Wow haven't seen that before. Plus linking him to the new Dante is not a good thing.

DeadManMMX1540d ago

Agreed Delsin was missing something it might have just been the very basic story he was saddled with. Infamous 1 and 2 had these epic stories with twists and such. Cole was a badass "I Will Be Ready" had me waiting for the next Infamous excitedly. Nothing about Second Son made me excited for the next one it was just such a disappointment. If there had never been 1 and 2 I might have thought higher of it as an introduction to the franchise but after falling from such heights...

-Foxtrot1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

Exactly there was no spark to the game at all.

All I thought about during Second Son was "Damn...they better make inFAMOUS 3 next with Cole"

It's why I want Delsin to become the Beast because it would wrap Coles trilogy up nicely. I mean John could of just been a second enemy with beast like powers. Kessler made out that the Beast was a murdering psychopath that killed anything and anyone but John wanted to save conduits at the cost of getting rid of human, who were already dying because of the plague. Delsin being corrupted sounds like he could go down that road, especially with no brother or tribe to set him straight

Gamer4life8881540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

Delsin > Cole IMHO

DualWielding1540d ago

most of those aren't really characters of their new gen since their games also appeared in 7th gen and the other the transistor and Velocity girls are not really characters.... the only true 8th gen exclusive character I will call remarkable so far would be Gravity Rush's Kat

Scar-1540d ago

I will never understand the hate Delsin gets. Seriously compared to cole he is a far better character. While I love the a original infamous cole was not a strong character he blindly following trish and zeke the WHOLE game. It just seems like he always had someone thinking for him on top of that he was very bland, the most remarkable thing about the character was his narrating. Then you have Delsin who is the exact opposite dude is oozing with personalty, makes his own choices THE WHOLE GAME and people hate him. Delsin is still a young adult and this game was his origin story so of course he isn't going to take things seriously off the bat. Its like some of you expected a carbon copy of cole.

DeadManMMX1540d ago

Cole was a character that was driven by the circumstances around him and it made him and the game intriguing. Delsin was saving a few conduits, shooting cameras and DUP vehicles and trying to acquire unmemorable concrete ladies powers so he could help his tribe. Cole was saving the world. From the first ten minutes of game one he was accused of blowing up empire city and had to earn the peoples trust slowly. His origin story was epic and he had to make hard choices to be he hero the world needed. There was a whole different sense of scale to the games. I think of it like the show heroes in season 3 they introduced Arthur Petrelli the baddest bad the show ever had outside of Sylar. That guy was dangerous and so ruthless he would kill his own son without flinching to achieve his goals. Then come season 4 you have this guy with an earthquake power that would have been fine. If he wasn't half the villain Petrelli was. Stories are supposed to ramp up and get better look at Uncharted 1 to Uncharted 2. The game as a whole was a letdown.