Branded breasts used to boost game sales in Vietnam

People in Vietnam have recently been wondering about young women walking down Hanoi streets dressed in revealing costumes and with “3kg” signs drawn on their chests. These signs have been quite “thought-provoking” ones as they insinuate their bearers’ breasts weigh three kilograms.

As it turns out, these ladies are a part of a gaming PR campaign, for the game Time Traveler Heroes from VTC mobile, one of the biggest publishers in Vietnam.

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Volkama1539d ago

Fair enough. I'd probably sell mine to an advertising agency if the price was right.

Just have to stop wearing low-cut tops to formal occassions and job interviews and such, no biggie.

WeAreLegion1539d ago

Mine are much too hairy for that.

SteamPowered1539d ago

And I bet you'll get the stink-eye for looking too. Women...Am I right?

spandle1539d ago

Video games are the tits!

mydyingparadiselost1539d ago

Strange, I don't want to buy the game, but I just pre ordered every last copy of breasts on Amazon...

sungam3d1539d ago

It's Vietnam...
You have a 99% chance that those 'women' are in fact ladyboys...

Nothing to see here, move along.