Until Dawn is the Heavy Rain of horror you didn’t know you craved | Games in Asia

Here’s a hot tip for you: if you’re ever invited you to a cabin in woods, do not go.

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Thatguy-3101490d ago

I knew I craved it. I know heavy rain wasn't a perfect game with amazing writing but one thing that game achieve is immerse me on the story it was trying to tell. After my experience with it I wished for a slasher game that would take the same mechanics heavy rain used. My wish looks like it came true.

Jaqen_Hghar1490d ago

Agreed! It had interaction to keep it a game and have your actions influence the outcome (one of the few games where it actually lived up to that promise and had significant changes unlike Walking Dead and ME3) and of course the excellent cinematic quality.

MRMagoo1231490d ago

I also agree, as soon as I found out this news that this game would be like heavy rain my hype meter exploded. It is going to be a tense tense game.

cyclindk1490d ago

Yeah that would have been great! They should have split that game off into two separate games. One with the futuristic sci-fi cop stuff and another with the whole Slasher thriller thing.

Remy_Chaos1490d ago

!!!! I loved Heavy Rain, if Until Dawn is indeed anything like it but on the horror side, that's epic!

WeAreLegion1490d ago

I knew I wanted it! Heavy Rain is my favorite game. I love horror. It's just what I wanted. :)

Doge1490d ago

It was an interesting game with some damn good visuals, I really hope they fix the framerate though, because the demo I tried ran like a slideshow.

WeAreLegion1490d ago

I'm sure they will. The framerate definitely needed work, but it's fairly polished, other than that.

CernaML1490d ago

Same situation with Bloodborne. It was running at like 15FPS at E3. lol But it looks like that's been sorted out already so no need to worry about Until Dawn.

SpinalRemains1381490d ago

Optimal conditions are met toward the end of development. Frame rates and such.

No worries :)

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BitbyDeath1490d ago

Heavy Rain was one of my fav games of lastgen, this is an easy day 1 buy for me.

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