The most disappointing part of Destiny is its boring story

Almost from the start, Destiny signals its desire to conform to sci-fi's conventions, to pay homage to the works that all too obviously inspired its makers, rather than attempt to subvert or try anything original.

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Karebear1485d ago

Have you played through the entire endgame? Have you read the Grimoire Cards? Have you even collected all the Grimoire Cards? Did you hear your Ghost when he said you'd been dead a long time and a lot of what you were about to experience wouldn't make sense?

Until reviewers get this, they will never GET this.

cr33ping_death1485d ago

I love this game. First game in a long time that i stayed up to play all night. But yes WTF happened with the story? Love grinding for gear, love upping the difficulty to level 28 (27 hunter here) love doing the vanguard strikes....but man the story is non existent. Ill be buying the dlc so throw us a big bone with more story Bungie.