NVIDIA: "Ten Million Gamers Around The World Bought Into The GTX680 Class Of GPUs"

During his GAME24 keynote, NVIDIA’s CEO Jen-Hsun Huang revealed that more than ten million gamers have bought into the GTX680 class of GPUs.

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Malphite1489d ago

I have that card. It's really awesome however I can't decide wether I should get another one or get a GTX980 next. I guess I'll wait for proper benchmarks.

TedCruzsTaint1489d ago

Friend's grabbing my 680 off of me for $220 with SLI in mind. Going to help lower the cost of that shiny new 980.

PeaSFor1489d ago

i still have my msi 580 lightning, still have no plan to upgrade since nothing is worthy right now, last time it was for BF3.

TardcoreGamer1489d ago

Get a 980. Newer tech with lower power consumption, new software features and a really good performance boost over the 680. This is coming from a 670 SLI owner.

I can tell you SLI has its caveats as not all games take advantage of it and it increases heat and power costs as well.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1489d ago

Sooo how many developers are making games for it exclusively?? None... this is worthless

hiredhelp1489d ago

Sooo how many developers are making games for it exclusively?? None... this is worthless

Wow so is your knowledge you don't make games exclusive for graphics cards not how it works.
Its down to drivers Sometimes Nvidia pay company X amount get them to optimise for All there cards sometimes AMD do same its way PC worked for years. then later wait for patch or driver update for other party who has low FPS.
Its ploy get people buy there products.

zero_gamer1489d ago

More developers are making PC exclusives, and designing their cross-platform games on PC as lead.

sinjonezp1489d ago

My two 560ti 448 ultra classifieds can play the likes of bf4 and ac4 , everything turned up at 1080p..however they are super power hungry. I'm looking forward to the 970-980 cards though. Very efficient, run cooler, can over lock more.

ABizzel11489d ago

Get another 680, the 980 is a great car, but the boost it offers isn't really worth upgrading from the 680 unless power draw is really that important to you (you'll get a good boost, but not a huge one).

Buy another 680 if you can, SLI and wait for the real Maxwell.

NewMonday1489d ago


wait for a killer game that needs the upgrade

bumnut1489d ago

980 because 2GB VRAM is no longer sufficient, especially once you go beyond 1080p.

jmc88881489d ago

Plenty of benchmarks out there for 970 and 980, literally dozens.

Everything you can imagine. How it compares at 1080p/1440/4k. Stock and overclocked.

You can see how much it's better then a 670, 680, how it compares versus 680 SLI.

The 980 is above the 780ti. When overclocked it goes quite a bit past.

The 970 when overclocked, can even beat the 980 at stock clocks.

So yes, a 970 overclocked can beat a 780ti stock.

Which also means it beats a Titan, Titan Black, etc.

$329 for a video card that beats a card that released in February for $999 (and higher).

Not bad. Plus you have all the newer tech that those won't have, and when utilized (which is this year, and even for some of last years games will have some of the stuff patched in) will make the gap even wider.

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starchild1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

Yeah, but it is interesting that 10 million PC gamers have a GTX 680 class graphics card (660, 670, 680, 690...GK104 chipset). Then you have to consider all the 700 series cards that were sold, and now all of the GTX 980s and 970s. Not to mention all the equivalent cards from AMD.

That would add up to tens of millions of PC gamers with mid to high end graphics cards. That's a heck of a lot of PCs with better-than-console performance. This is in stark contrast to the claims of console fanboys who have tried to convince people that the number of PC gamers with powerful PCs is extremely small.

PeaSFor1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

still using my good old msi gtx580

Genova841489d ago

Yeah. All signs point to a growing pc market. I'm going to be replacing my crossfire 6990s as they won't support DX12. Might grab a GTX 970 and wait til the r9 390x launches then grab that. Still undecided at this point but it's time for a new rig with DDR4 memory.

The number of powerful computers is impressive even if you cut that number in half for sli and crossfire.

MrPink20131489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

Bubble to you. It is so disingenuous how extreme console fans try and downplay the importance of PC gaming. Obviously there is a market for high end graphic cards used mainly for gaming. It's just too bad most of the advertising is on consoles. That cost is also being passed onto the consumer, higher software prices.

SniperControl1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

Still rocking my overclocked 4gb GTX670s in sli with a GTX570 for PhysX, all combined, can produce GTX Titan performance.
Only downside is the fan noise, but those graphics.... Damn!

Have no plans to upgrade yet.

cyclindk1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

Biggest downside for PC-only users is the exclusives that never make it to PC at all... imagine what that power could do on something like The Last of Us or a true Killzone PC - version.

Apart from Civilization game I can't think of a single upcoming PC-only game that I am remotely interested in investing in.

Str8Chaos741489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

I got news for you, outside of this site no one cares about Killzone. And Star Citizen looks like a pretty good PC exclusive. Not to mention most games, and the most popular ones are multi-platform. And they look miles better on a PC.

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Future_20151489d ago

There are more PC exclusive games on steam than any console so i dont see the point of the argument saying pc has no games? bringing knifes and a gun fight?

ATi_Elite1489d ago

More like bringing a knife to a Nuclear War. Not only does the PC have the most Exclusive games we also have Eclusive game genres like Moba, Rts, space trading/combat, and my personal favorite fps/rts

GundalfDeGrej1489d ago

Then watch as they they say they've won because the knife is cheaper.

PeaSFor1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

you are obviously Robin, using a I_am_Batman username.

Bhuahahaha1489d ago

hey b-man is it true that alfred do weird stuff on you when you where 12?

lol just kidding

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zero_gamer1489d ago

690 user since it came out (long before the release of the current console generation) and I don't feel the need to replace my card yet. I tell this to anyone saying "PC gaming requires $3000 for yearly upgrades" which that is just willful ignorance.

HaveAsandwich1489d ago

hd 6670 480p gaming at its finest

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