Wii U Weekly Deals: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate $20, Metroid $3.5, White Wii U Controller $39 and more

Wii U deals and sales on Nintendo, Walmart, Amazon, NewEgg, Best-Buy, Play-Asia, Kmart & Frys.

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timothyckeegan1489d ago

I was looking forward to not purchasing any game till Black Friday. But that MH3U price is tempting :(

andrewsimons1489d ago

Hyrule Warriors
Bayonetta 2
Legend of Zelda
Xenoblade Chronicles X
Super Smash Brothers

These games will make Wii U sell more. Mark my words

edgarohickman1489d ago

I really hope it will, these games look great.

Tom871489d ago

Good NewEgg deal for those who are still looking to get a Wii U.

edgarohickman1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

Just purchased Amazon's white pro controller

liamn1489d ago

Wow, a lot of great deals.

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