Playing PS4 Games on your Smartphone - TGS 2014

IGN's Brian Altano guides us through a Remote Play demo of a PS4 game on a mobile device. Does it feel good?

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hiredhelp1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

This is missleading and slightly faulse.
This is not on anymobile device only sony new xperia

caseh1485d ago

If they can peddle it to other devices you can bet they will. I thought PSNow would be exclusive to new Bravia sets but they fully intend to give other manufacturers rights to include this on other sets.

Ya never know...

user65409481485d ago

Why bother putting ps now on other tv's when they can just sell people the super cheap $99 Playstation TV device that does PS Now and so much more (and works on any tv with an hdmi connection)?

KakashiHotake1485d ago

That would actually make a lot of sense. Between PS Now and the online TV service they have coming out, they have a real opportunity to make a splash in the market. Considering Sony's financial situation this could be just the thing they need. Even with these services on Bravia's and Xperia's it will only cater to a small percentage of the market, that is those that's willing to buy their hardware. But if they can offer these services through Samsung, LG, Apple, etc. then they may very well have a gold mine on their hands. They would be foolish to pass up on that opportunity.

XBLSkull1485d ago

This device is guaranteed to help you retain your virginity.

uth111485d ago

@Pauljones- it sounds like Sony is trying to push this technology far and wide because they want the PS Now service to be a success, not a particular hardware platform

Highlife1485d ago

Here you go


With this all android devices 4.o+,

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joeorc1485d ago

Not just Sony only smart devices..Andrew house!

Highlife1485d ago

That's when they were talking about ps now not remote play

kingboy1485d ago

I believe the folks at xda already have this ported to other android devices http://www.xda-developers.c...

Rivitur1485d ago

Yes but you have to wait until Sony releases their app to even make it playable and that doesn't release for a few months.

Macdaddy711485d ago

Does Sony not know they trying to sell ps4 systems???

Jihaad_cpt1485d ago

You still need a PS4 to use this. It's remote play

ShutUpDonny1485d ago

Yep, and it's phones that they really need to sell, according to the 2 billions they lost. It works for me anyway. The Xperia Z3 will probably be my next phone.

badz1491485d ago

will be my next one too hopefully earlier next year.

spacedelete1485d ago

so they are giving away the only biggest selling point of the Vita and Sony wonders why they lose so much money.

hard joe1485d ago

Maybe because vita is not selling?

LightDiego1485d ago

I need a new smartphone, i don't know anything about it, will check more about Z3.

TKCMuzzer1485d ago

I've got a Z1 compact, brilliant phone, runs like a dream, no issues, great battery. I can only imagine the Z3 have improved on this. You can't wrong.

Allsystemgamer1485d ago

Anything is better than the iphone 6

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19891485d ago

But Teh gpu is betterz then a next gen consolez lol

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