Sleeping Dogs PS4 Trophies Revealed

The trophy list for the upcoming port of Sleeping Dogs for the Playstation 4 has been revealed. The game has 60 trophies in total although nine of those come in the form of DLC, therefore trophies from the ‘Nightmare in North Point’ and ‘Year of the Snake’ DLC packs will not be required to get the platinum trophy.

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Jaqen_Hghar1489d ago

YES! A man platinumed on PS3 and will be double dipping for sure! Though this one can wait till it's $30 hopefully on BF since it comes out a month and a half before then (usually games from them are around $25-35 come BF)

gamerfan09091489d ago

I just literally beat this game on PS3 and it's pretty bland. I thought the combat was a nice change of pace in the GTA open world formula that's been around, but everything was so bland and uninteresting. I didn't find the enemies that interesting. I didn't find the detective work interesting whatsoever. The game is ok, but from what a lot of people were saying I thought it would be a lot better of a game then it is.

KnownAsEpic1489d ago

Tomb Raider DE and Thief went for $30 in less than a month on PSN Store. I'll wait for this game to be $30. Square Enix games get on sale early

caseh1489d ago

I can't see it selling well at all so the price will drop real quick, most will have played it last gen and I think it dropped on PS+ at some point as well.

Clown_Syndr0me1489d ago

Sleeping Dogs is one of my favourite games last gen. I went into it, knowing absolutely nothing and really enjoyed it.

Fizzler1489d ago

They're revealing the new one today, unfortunately it's apparently a PC online game...