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Chris Conway of CanadianGamer writes: I was tricked into playing an MMO and I’m not sure how I feel about this… When I first sat down with Destiny I thought I would be playing a more serious version of Borderlands. It wasn’t until I had cleared the story that I realized what was truly going on. This was an MMORPG but with guns, there was even legendary loot and end-game raids. I’ve had fun getting through the game, I just have the feeling that things could have been better had Bungie committed to something a bit more traditional.

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getrektedmate1488d ago

This game deserves no more than a 6/10

ScottyHoss1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

It's definitely not for everyone, but I would say in my opinion it's a 9. There's a lot of room for it to grow for a new franchise, and the teamwork, whether it be PvP or PvE, is amazingly fun.

juggulator1488d ago

I think Destiny is a true gaming revolution. Review after review trying to convince us it's a mediocre game but we've already experienced the awesomeness and I know all my friends are hooked and some have said it's not like any FPS they've ever played. I think most agree that Destiny is poised to grow/change likely via updates and the expansions. Bungie just needs to give us tons of ways to put that legendary/exotic gear to good use.

BTW Looking for lvl 25+ players for daily heroic missions and nightfall strikes(eventually). Add juggulator on PS4 if you're interested.