Alien: Isolation to Last Around 12-15 Hours, Not 25 As Previously Reported

OnlySP: Alien: Isolation is only a few more weeks away from release and we’re priming ourselves for a very intense and stressful reviewing period with it. Thankfully, we now have an idea of how long we’ll have to endure the horrors that The Creative Assembly has prepared for us.

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Chuk51492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

When was it 25 hours? that doesn't even make sense.
This is the kinda of game that benefits from a runtime of 8-12 hours.

PockyKing1492d ago

Some website on here a few weeks ago said the game was 25 hours based on people's playtime at the Gamescom booth.

Nitrowolf21492d ago

lol that was a random guestimate based off the gamescom demo being roughly 10-15% of the game, meaning it was a very inaccurate one

PockyKing1491d ago


Yea, but they passed it off on here as news either way. Not sure why it was even approved in the first place.

XBLSkull1491d ago

Skeptical of this one but if it reviews well I'll pick it up...

Doesn't seem like spending 12-15 hours hiding from an alien would be a lot of fun but I'll go into it with an open mind.

TacticAce1491d ago

I really don't mind 15 hours I think thats a healthy standard for any game this gen. 10 hrs or less was all over last gen so I wont complain about 15.

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starchild1491d ago

Yeah, that's a perfectly fine length for a game like this.

hudsoniscool1491d ago

I honestly disagree. Usually when a dev says the time of completion in reality it's shorter. And a ten hour game sounds short when there's no multiplayer or co-op. A single player only game should be 20+ hours if it's gunna be 60 bucks. A ten hour game... 40 bucks.

DanteVFenris6661491d ago

Yea but it's horror man. This guy is right. With horrors if it's longer eventually the thrills go down. Also they are adding a multiplayer survived mode type thing

ZombieGamerMan1491d ago

@ hudsoniscool. That's some backwards way of thinking, 10 hours is not short without or without multiplayer and it doesn't matter if it's single player or multiplayer it should take the time it needs to tell it's story without padding the hell out of it.

masterfox1491d ago

12 to 15 hours I think is fine, In fact thats pretty lengthy considering the type of game is going to be.

Trekster_Gamer1491d ago

I really hope this game is awesome but I'm afraid it's going to be 8 hours of hide and seek. As much as I'm a fan of the movie Alien and I love the look of the Nostromo I just think that this would get boring really quick hiding in corners. I really wish it was more of an adrenaline based shooter.

ZombieGamerMan1491d ago

And this is the problem with gamers these days.

Inception1491d ago

"adrenaline based shooter"

Than go play your crappy Colonial Marines

hello121491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

This is the first time Creative Assembly has made a game like this. I love the total war franchise and they're my most favourite games on PC.

Playing their latest game at the moment- Rome 2 Emperor edition.

Kingdomcome2471491d ago

I have high hopes that Creative Assembly will be able to redeem the Alien license in games. This comes out on my birthday, so hopefully it's a good one.

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