Forza Horizon 2 Has Way More Content Than You Realize, Check Out My Stats After Story Completion

CraveOnline: "Last night after several days of Forza Horizon 2 addiction I finally completed the main single-player campaign, or so I thought. In an effort to avoid spoilers, let’s just say early on there’s a very clear objective presented to you which requires a considerable amount of time to achieve. It took me about 12 hours to reach that milestone (8 hours driving, 4~ hours on other tasks like buying cars, taking photos, and editing liveries). Along the way I learned of how significant the game’s boasted 700+ events really is, as well as how much time has gone into the side content. Combine that with the fact that there’s actually a second finale, maybe even more beyond that, and you have yourself the most content-rich racer of all-time."

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Neoninja1486d ago

Quality and quantity in one single package. Can't wait for the full game to drop. So far every preview I've seen and everyone that I've spoken to who has played the demo has said nothing but good things about Forza Horizon 2.
The 30th can't come soon enough! Just 9 painfully slow days to go. I really wish I had Doc Browns DeLorean right now.

3-4-51486d ago

This + Smash Brothers will be occupying most of my time for a while.

Destiny was really fun for a week, but I've hit a wall with it, and can't play more than 30 minutes at a time now.

* I really love the PvP, but I'm thinking of trading it in towards FH2 or Smash 3DS.

GamingSinceThe80s1485d ago

Yeah I just played the demo and wow I'm sold!I just loved going off road so much more than having to stay on a narrow track and just look at the pretty backgrounds like in Forza 5 and next in Driveclub.This game went for not even on my radar to a day one must have for me.This could end up being a real game changer for MS as I think FH is just that good. Can't think of one thing this game does not do right and I almost never find myself saying now days.FH for the win baby!

lifeisgamesok1486d ago

700+ events?? Jesus! I knew this already but it just hit me after thinking about the races in the demo

Yetter1486d ago

yes indeed. Pretty barebones though, race to the festival, do 3 races and its over

4Sh0w1486d ago

Yeah I didn't even know that you could play the demo online until yesterday, dont know how I missed that, damm I loved it too..very cool.

brich2331486d ago

and u can play the multiplayer too in the same races as single player.

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Alicornium1486d ago

My god, so damn excited...

JonnyBigBoss1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

This is my favorite game so far in 2014. And truthfully, I didn't have high expectations before I played it. What a treat.

Alicornium1486d ago

Nothing can beat Horizon in the quality/fun factor. GOTY, definitely.

iNFAMOUZ11486d ago

im going to play till my fingers fall off

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