Destiny Shouldn’t Be Reviewed – It’s Not That Kind of Game

There’s something special about Destiny. Bungie and Activision have put together a game that has outsold every new IP in history, but has done so without allowing reviewers to have early access to the title. As many of us at PowerLeveled have been working together to work our way from level one to raid-ready, Destiny simply isn’t ready to be reviewed in the conventional sense – and it may never be.

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pwnsause_returns1578d ago

don't defend it-it's not your reason to do so for hits.

NewMonday1578d ago (Edited 1578d ago )

outside of a vocal minority, the majority opinion is positive

all platform Destiny review totals from metacritic..

Positive: 58
Mixed: 26
Negative: 1

mikeslemonade1578d ago

newmonday.. what are you trying to proof there. A %77.32 is a 77.32.

I've finally found the word to describe Destiny. It's unfinished. There's not that many glitches but it's unfinished. The areas are large and barren.

-Foxtrot1578d ago (Edited 1578d ago )

You want to know the right p*** take with Metacritic and this game....there has been more "Mixed" scores for Destiny and the majority of them haven't been added to the site, only the scores which count as positive.

XBLSkull1578d ago (Edited 1578d ago )

I agree with metacritic. The extreme reviews have averaged out and a 77/100 score seems fair for this game, that is what the game felt like to me.

I was playing some Halo: Reach campaign today Destiny is really a far cry from reaching that kind of perfection. Destiny isn't really even close to Bungies best work but that doesn't make it a terrible game either. I think PlayStation owners hyped it to all hell since it was a Bungie game on PlayStation and it couldn't live up to it. But it ain't a Halo, not even close.

BullyMangler1578d ago

Destiny aint the type of game to be reviewed ?


Everything and Anything, videogames and beyond, should be Constructively Criticized.

QA is important in order to deliver high production values.

MrPink20131578d ago

Metacritic shows a score of 77 based on 76 critics with a user score of 6.6. What is this vocal minority NewMonday keeps bringing up?

nX1578d ago

Every game should be reviewed and Destiny is no exception. But critics should review it for the things it offers and not the ones it's missing.

Trekster_Gamer1578d ago

the disagrees you got alone prove that you're wrong. Not a handful, a helluvalot of people were duped into buying this game.

MysticStrummer1578d ago

"a helluvalot of people were duped into buying this game."

I have to laugh at this. Were people reading different previews than I was? Apparently so.

OT - Every game can be reviewed, but I do think the current review process is flawed. Games from particular genres are sometimes reviewed by people who either don't have much experience with those genres, or know them and simply can't stand them. With Destiny, the complaints I see are to be expected with this kind of long term game where content will be added for years. The game should be reviewed accordingly. It's a shooter, and most people seem to think the shooting is good to great. I don't see this burning need for lore and backstory when CoD and BF come out and people skip the story entirely for the multiplayer.

@mikeslemondade - 77.32 is pretty close to an 8. Anything close to an 8 is a good game. Of course it's unfinished. Content will be added for a long time. Complaining that a post apocalyptic planet is large and barren… once again I have to laugh.

BlackWolf121578d ago

It is a sad day when a 77/100 score is defined as 'bad'.

Really shows how the 10 point scale is completely broken.

zero_gamer1578d ago

77% is a C+. That means the game is good enough, but nothing amazing. The game just doesn't live up to hype, which is why I rarely ever buy into hype. I didn't bother with Watch Dogs, thankfully, and I also didn't with Destiny. The beta certainly gave me a clear enough idea of what the final game would be like.

ALLWRONG1577d ago

It's clear that some people here were wishing Destiny would be bigger than Halo. Keep wishing, maybe next time. All that money Sony spent on ads, dlc, and a PS4 bundle just for a mediocre game. The saddest part is Bungie can never return to Halo and the Halo fans.

NewMonday1577d ago


77.3 is almost an 8, this is what I give the game, and remember metacritice gives score multipliers to websites like Gamespot, IGN, Plygon..

Destiny user scores..

Positive: 757...%60
Mixed: 148...%11
Negative: 349....%29

math says %29 is the vocal minority, sorry


Minecraft: Xbox One has a 5.6 user score, guess it's horrible right?...right?


jrshankill1577d ago

Come on.. think about it.

The game has gotten average reviews, and it really sounds like a last resort to say "this game shouldn't be reviewed". It is almost child like to come back with this.

The reality is that the game was not received as well as everyone thought it would be. I enjoy the game but I was expecting a whole lot more due to the hype.

MrPink20131577d ago

NewMonday, do you purposely go off-topic to add even more confusion to your posting? Minecraft on the Xbox One has a score on metacritic of 88, why would you only talk about user scores and what does that game have to do with anything? I don't own that game or an Xbox One so this constant need of yours to talk like a console warrior is odd to say the least. If you are enjoying Destiny all the more power to you, why let reviews bother you so much?

spacedelete1577d ago

your comment is mind bogglingly stupid for many reasons. your using metacritic as proof of a game being good. unless you live under a rock theres been a massive backlash on the Internet over Destiny. i find it funny how people defend Destiny so much when its a very terrible game. story makes absolutely no sense with hilariously bad writing and pvp is just COD with even less options.

those same people who hate on COD are the same people defending Destiny and they are the biggest hypocrites. just like you.

NewMonday1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )


"why would you only talk about user scores.."

umm.. because YOU brought them up in the comment:"Metacritic shows a score of 77 based on 76 critics with a USER score of 6.6"

and my first post was the media reviews, not users

again.. ZING!


again "vocal minority", numbers prove it, majority of reviews are positive, sorry! your in the minority.

SINISTERGENESIS1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

Dude just stop... Quit playing make believe and acting like a fanboy defending his purchase... Go watch Angry Joe's review if youre in need of a reality check... He nailed exactly what's wrong. Don't be upset that Bungie screwed up big time... Maybe people like you need to quit playing games especially since you guys can't seem to face facts and actually critique the game for what it is... A subpar, half finished game

Not saying the game is not fun but it is for so long, no matter how many excuses you make, it was utter garbage to release this game in its current state. Any other game that pulls this crap ( maybe not COD but it deserves it as well ), gets the critique hammer but for some reason people like you think it shouldn't which is hypocritical and dumb. Realize that playing fanboy like in this case ruins the industry allowing devs/pubs to release an unfinished game that has major flaws like this one and expect people to pay for the full game through dlc. Quit setting the bar so low for your money and try to help get the industry on the right path.

NewMonday1577d ago


then why is Angry Joe playing Destiny now along with hundreds of his clan?

your turn... ZING!

ChronoJoe1577d ago


Aggregate scores aren't the be and end all on a video game. You might not be a statistician, but if you were you'd probably place consideration on the range of scores, and standard deviation.

Destiny seems to have a good range of both positive and negative scores. That's different from a game with a lower range of scores, but with a similar average as it suggests that Destiny is a very appealing / good game, but only to a certain group of consumers.

TheRedButterfly1577d ago


Monday, he gave it a 6/10. Would've given it a 4/10 if not for the production value.

A friend I play with every day has over 120hrs logged, and we'd both give it a 6/10. What does playing it have to do with its score? If something is missing, something is missing. That doesn't stop people from playing it. Hell, Titanfall's story is "missing" and people play that game every day - just like people play Destiny despite it's story (or lack there of).

That was the worst "zing" I have heard in a long time.

NewMonday1577d ago


doesn't matter what number he gives it, why is Angry Joe and his army still playing if the game isn't lots of fun? he has a PC and XB1 so it's not because "no gamez".

if read my posts you see me criticizing the story and the loot system, but the other parts are great. it's not a perfect package, but the gameplay aspect is perfect, the numbers of positive reception I bring up are to prove most people share my opinion unlike what a group fixated on me want to claim.

give the devs their due and give them constructive criticism to help them in the future, is that to much to ask?

this hit and run, "lulz it a fail" comments don't serve anyone.

gangsta_red1577d ago


Why are you so set in defending this game to your last breath?

Especially when you were going above and beyond to crap on and downplay Titanfall before even that game was released? The reviews and scores were high for Titanfall but you went out of your way to let everyone know that they were paid for or overhyped and not true at all.

Why the change of heart for a mediocre game like Destiny?

Is it because Sony invested more in this multiplat game that you feel the need to make it better than it really is?

Grap1577d ago

sigh.. @NewMonday
still defend Destiny to the last breath i am now really starting to think this guy has some stocks in bungie. There's no way a guy put all his day to defend a game.

NewMonday1577d ago


just posting facts and numbers, sorry that you hate them and that you are in the minority.

gangsta_red1577d ago


Hey about the metacritic for Titanfall, it seems the majority are enjoying that game also.
It still didn't stop you from posting harsh remarks, criticism and downplaying the game, even before it came out.

"I bring up are to prove most people share my opinion unlike what a group fixated on me want to claim."

Sort of like what you were doing in every single Titanfall article on this site. Why won't you address this, why the sudden change of heart for Destiny? Why is it that when people enjoyed Titanfall or were excited for it you went after them and any reviewer who claimed they liked the game?

"give the devs their due and give them constructive criticism to help them in the future, is that to much to ask?"

We all asked the same of you for Titanfall but all you did was downplay it and claim it was overhyped and MS was paying off all websites and gamers for good reviews.

"this hit and run, "lulz it a fail" comments don't serve anyone..."

*SMH* do I really need to express my utter amazement and the total hypocrisy of this comment by you?

The sad part is you probably got all your bubbles from doing the exact same thing in Titanfall articles that you are hating commenters here for Destiny.

NewMonday1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )


except I did, several times..

I don't have double standards

and unlike shotgun haters my opinion of Titanfall was in particular aspects that I said would turn off a segment of gamers never said it was a bad game, same thing for Destiny and the story aspect.

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Mikelarry1578d ago (Edited 1578d ago )

I know right, apologist everywhere. I am enjoying destiny but let's be honest guys this game is SERIOUSLY lacking. Some making the excuse"its an MMO" no it isn't even the game developers have said it countless times that it isn't. From the way they explained destiny it was meant to be this fully populated world and interesting lore but it could be argued they totally dropped the ball with this one. DLC should only be for people who really enjoyed the game and want more from this world. Bungie really dropped the ball with this one and I fear it may be their undoing

kparks1578d ago

I think destiny is a good game especially if u got friends to play with, i really believe the scores are low not because its a bad game yeah it has its problems but nothing serious,i believe there low because not only the hype around it but we all know how great this game done the right way could of been! this game COULD of been a major game changer and we all bought into the hype and believed thats what it was going to be, i mean if this game turned out how we all thought it would of been game over for cod and a few other franchises!

FanboyKilla1577d ago

Bungie click your heels together three times and say, "theres no place like home". Lmfao

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Magnus7011578d ago

Every game can be reviewed. Destiny is no different.

AndrewLB1577d ago

Yep. The thing that got my attention though was how Bungie/Activision managed to get EVERY SINGLE REVIEWER to wait a couple days to release their reviews. I've heard the reasoning was because you need to have 25-30 hours to be fair... but the thing is, those reviewers received the game a week in advance. See... the gaming media has gotten way too cozy with developers in recent years, much like the National Media is WAY too cozy with those in Government who the media are tasked with keeping honest. Much like the gaming media held back reviews to help Activision maximize early sales, the National Media has completely ignored and refused to report on scandals from this WhiteHouse that are so incredible that they make Nixon look like a complete amateur. IRS, Benghazi, Fast & Furious, AP Spying, Wiretapping congressmen, Obamacare, Solyndra, Trannygate, Detroit Bailouts, BofA blackmail, Negotiating with terrorists, Backing muslim brotherhood, and the infamous FAKE (yes... fake) birth certificate. The document he released was 100% computer generated. why? Because there is no color aberration found anywhere on it even though Obama said it was a scanned original. Whether it's a $40 scanner or $400,000 scanner, they all leave the tell tale mark.

randomass1711578d ago

Destiny is not above criticism, but it is hard to look at it and say it should be judged the same way as most other shooters.

FullmetalRoyale1578d ago

Yep. It's a totally different experience than Wolfenstein, which imo is a real shooter fan's shooter. Wolfenstein had everything I could ask for in a single player game, much less a shooter, which is even more rare. It is quite extraordinary. 9/10 If I had to number it.

While Destiny is pretty much everything I'd want from a shooter to play with my best friend. The story I find to be lacking, but it is a simple fun/10.

Plenty of issues, some quite subjective, but I have been having a lot of fun.

randomass1711578d ago

Yeah I expected more from the story too. It was Bungie's usually cryptic method of telling a story in a game which doesn't work without a central character to keep you hooked on the mystery. The gameplay is quite good IMO but it's lacking in most of the other departments.

CerealKiller1578d ago

LOL seriously making excuses because they sold you a incomplete game? The game is a $60 product, and when you buy it you have to review it at its current state. You can't say that there may be great DLC in the future because that is going to cost additional money and when people are considering buying the game they want to know the value it is going to bring them today because that is when they want to play it. It may get better in the future but the price will also go down in the future. To me the game seems pretty straight forward, it is basically a single-player/co-op game plus multiplayer. It is not a MMO or anything else people are trying to make the game up to be.

JoeIsMad1578d ago

After playing World of Warcraft, I can tell you that this isn't the first time that a game has shipped "incomplete". Bungie is releasing more content weekly in Destiny - most of which is free to keep your interest in the game and it's story as you fight in the living world of Destiny.

GamersHeaven1578d ago

Weekly cut out content that's all it is they decide when you play it Bungie cycles modes every week that are already in game.

Allsystemgamer1578d ago


It's being treated as an MMO. ALL mmos lack content at the start. They're a long term investment.

strangeaeon1578d ago

This is why I am waiting awhile to jump in.

spacedelete1577d ago

why are people calling it an mmo ? even Bungie said it wasn't an mmo. stop kissing their rear end.

Magnus7011577d ago

World of Warcraft was reviewed and criticized when it was released. Every expansion after that was also reviewed. When you are dealing with a progressive or persistent universe the game will always change, but you can 100% criticize what is already in the game and not hold off on that criticism for the hopes of better content later on.

There is a lot wrong with Destiny right now, but this is their first time making a game like this. They will learn from this. But they can't learn unless we tell them what was wrong!

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Jacktrauma1578d ago

Destiny can't be reviewed as a typical game because of its hybrid build. Do you review it as an fps? An mmo? You can't really review it like borderlands because it isn't as pve focused as that and reviewing it like Halo PvP really isn't right either. I'd have to agree with the fact you can't really review it. It's too early and with content coming out like an mmo's does the numbers will always be changing.

TimeSkipLuffy1578d ago

You review it as a game. The graphics, the game mechanic, the fun you had with it, what it gives you as an experience. It doesn't matter which genre it is. You shouldn't always compare a game to another one. We only do that because it is in our nature. We should just review the game as a game and what we think it gave us while we played it.

Somebody1578d ago

It's too early to be reviewed?

When is the perfect time to review the game? After the fifth major update? After the tenth DLC? After the 10 year cycle is up?

If that's the case then other non-MMO games shouldn't also be reviewed at launch because most of them are still not perfect. Most of them are still being patched but they are condemned to wear the stigma of their poor review scores that are made before and during the launch date.

Look at episodic games like The Walking Dead series. They are reviewed based upon each episodes. It's not really a complete game until you buy all of the episodes in the season. Similarly Destiny doesn't have all the content in so it will be judged based on each iteration...just any other MMOs.

ArmrdChaos1578d ago

If it was too early to be reviewed then it was too early to be SOLD.