Heroes Never Lose Could Come To Wii U, PS4 If Funding Is Raised

"If you think superhero-themed Puyo Puyo has a ring to it then you might want to check out Heroes Never Lose, which is is currently on Kickstarter.

It’s an action puzzler in which you go head-to-head against a superhero or villain. You have to match blocks of the same color to deal blows and strikes (sends blocks to your opponent’s grid), but what you’re really after are large combos and chains as that gets you closer to unleashing your hero’s superpower."

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ChronoJoe1489d ago

Looks good, shame the PS4 version is the last stretch goal and the total for that isn't even available.

I would donate but I'd bet I'd be stuck with a PC version of the game that I didn't want, as I only want this on PS4 really.