Behind Closed Doors, Tabata Talks Final Fantasy XV, Type-0 HD at TGS

The author was invited for a special post-Tokyo Game Show meeting with Hajime Tabata of Square Enix. Tabata discussed things like lack of a Vita release and length of Final Fantasy XV demo.

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knifefight1489d ago

So hype.
Hopefully FFXV comes out within or before holiday 2015.

Cha0tik1489d ago

I'm hoping for the same but I think it will be mid or end of 2016. No harm in wishful thinking though.

WombBat1488d ago

I just read that this game is only 50-60% done.

I am pissed man, fuckin square enix man. This is seriously ridiculous

Cha0tik1488d ago

@WombBat Well the game that it is today has only been underdevelopment for 2 years.

shammgod1489d ago

i am hoping too, but i am predicting Q1 2016

Wedge191489d ago

Sometimes I hate having a life, the great games are hitting hard and fast! Why do I have to have responsibilities!?

shammgod1489d ago

yep, when you were young you had all the time in the world, but no resources to get all of the games you want. Now you have the resources, but no time to complete and play the games you buy.

Agent_hitman1489d ago

I'm pretty sure that Mr. Tabata hasn't revealed the release date. As expected, we'll have to wait until E3 2020 for the next infos about this game.. It's been a long time coming.

knifefight1489d ago

Tabata is in charge now, not Nomura.

The difference between the two is that Tabata's games actually get released.

acharlez1489d ago

Can't wait for this game!!

bangoskank1489d ago

In a way I don't mind that it's taking so long. By the time this is released I'll have finally saved up enough to buy a PS4.

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