New Video Game Releases: What Gamers Want for the Week of 9-22-14

If you’ve reached level 30 in Destiny, or just need a new video game to play, this week’s new releases may be able to save the day. There are multiple worthy titles releasing for all of the major platforms, so choose wisely and economically from the candidates below.

The big name releases this week are Defense Grid 2 for PC, Gauntlet for PC, Disney Infinity Marvel Super Heroes 2.0 Edition for multiple platforms, FIFA 15 for multiple platforms, and Hyrule Warriors for the Wii U.

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HAMM3RofBUDDHA1492d ago

Definitely intrigued by the Disney Infinity world now that the Marvel Super Heroes are in it. Also intrigued by Hyrule Warriors for some mindless gameplay. What is everyone else getting?

NBT911492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

The problem with Disney Infinity though, aside form the expense hole side of it, the game itself was just "eh". I was so disappointed with it that I can not justify buying the sequel unless I hear the flaws of the original are fixed.

The major ones being that you couldn't share Toy Boxes online, not even with friends. If you create something, you can submit it to Disney and they pick a few each month to be featured... That kind of sucked IMO.
Then the actual play sets, some were noticeably more fun than others and others just felt like a chore to play through.

Also you can only use characters in a play set IF they actually belong in that play set, it was a pain in the ass for multiplayer and meant that most of the time, out of all the characters that were available, only three of them were actually usable while you were playing that play set.

I do love the figures though, they look great on a gaming shelf and the collection side of it is interesting but jeez... And those bloody power discs >.> the article jokes about it but honestly, the collection part of it is really what it is all about unless you have kids.

On that note: nothing for me this week, MAYBE Slender for X360. Hyrule Warriors if anything.
I do want Disney Infinity 2 but my experience with the first one is telling me otherwise.

Oh wow, I had no idea this comment would end up so long, apologies!

eaise1492d ago

Sharing Toys Boxes has been confirmed to be in DI 2.0. Disney does filter any vulgar language that are placed in a text box for a character to say but that is the only limit. Characters can still only be in their own playset, and toy box of course, but collecting crossover coins allows certain characters to enter other playsets. There are plenty of characters for each playset now and all three playsets look to be fun.

FrogSpork1492d ago

I wanted Gauntlet when I heard it was first announced, so this is a likely pickup for me! Though I might wait a bit to see what people think. Hyrule Warriors also looks pretty sweet! Though I'm not exactly a Zelda mastermind so it won't have the same appeal it does to others. That said, that could be a good thing! Right?!

snowbearder1492d ago

Can't wait to play FIFA. Graphics look amazing

slappy5081492d ago

Nothing really here that would keep me away from destiny, except for The vanishing of Ethan Carter

ritsuka6661492d ago

This list lacks of this game.

Stronghold: Crusader II

Anyways, really fantastic week for PC gamers.

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