Glacier White, Jet Black and Wave Blue DualShock 4 prices dropped in deal

The prices have been discounted for the Glacier White ($54.43), Jet Black ($51.16) and Wave Blue ($55.44) DualShock 4 controllers.

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XBLSkull1579d ago

Wonder why? Controllers look great. Hopefully they are getting rid of stock to come out with a new controller with a good battery life.

Remy_Chaos1579d ago

Holidays will wipe them out, but yeah that I can agree with you on that, better batteries are needed.

porkChop1579d ago

They could even just release an official DualShock 4 battery pack and sell a bundle in stores. The battery life is ridiculous. In this day and age when battery tech has advanced so much there is no excuse for such a short life.

egidem1579d ago

I agree.

Sadly this trend is not just to controllers but to pretty much other mobile electronics, such as cellphones. They get better screens, more RAM, faster processors but the battery life tends to lag behind.

SamPao1579d ago

The white one looks so good. Still hoping for some special controllers.
Maybe a LBP one? Got to buy 2 more for LBP3 so I would love more choices

bigboss19901579d ago

I've noticed my battery on my white ps4 lasts hours. Compared to the black ones ???

Yokan1579d ago

I thought I was the only one that noticed this, they either changed the battery or it just seems that way because the battery is fresh.

Jaqen_Hghar1579d ago

Don't need more than 2 right now (no more than 2 local players really on anything other than Towerfall) but if a man were to offer some advise it would be wait till BF. They'll be $40 or lower most likely.

DesertFox791578d ago

lol why diffrent price because diffrent colors? That is stupid as hell ! Its the same controller anyway :(