Both Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida and Microsoft’s Phil Spencer Feel that Tokyo Game Show 2014 Was Good

Tokyo Game Show 2014 just ended, and looks like both sides of the console battle (at least those involved, as Nintendo traditionally skips the show) approve how it went down.

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CerealKiller1581d ago

What were they really going to say it was bad?

UltimateMaster1581d ago

It went certainly better for PlayStation given the recent sales numbers and awards.

Cha0tik1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

especially since the Asian Markets touch is what Sony has been missing.

Eonjay1581d ago


I'm not to sure if that is correct. I mean sure, Japan wasn't really falling head over heals for the PS4, but the Asian market as a whole was shown to be buying the PS4 over twice as fast as the PS2. Either way, I think they definitely did good by addressing the tastes of the Japanese market.

DarkOcelet1581d ago

Tgs this year was excellent ... FFXV and MGSV were all it wanted and it got it .

Magicite1581d ago

I loved this years E3, GamesCom and TGS, so many games and news, gaming future is shaping to become awesome.

PS4isKing_821580d ago

Same here man. Only thing that could have made it better would have been last guardian or a teaser for gran turismo 7 running on ps4. Other than that, tgs 2014 was amazing. Definitely feels like ps2 vibe is back with the quality Japanese games.

Cha0tik1580d ago


I'm sure RPG fans know what I mean. The lack of RPGs from the asian market has definitely influenced some from buying the PS4.

CustardTrout1581d ago

Microsoft was kind of like the 80s girl at the prom, no one really wants her but they'll pity her and go with her

Stoppokingme1581d ago

And Sony was the Jock who had the lead cheerleader as his date.

Meanwhile Nintendo brought his mom along because he's the sweet considerate guy that everybody loves.

And Ouya stayed at home because he couldn't find a date.

Ryan7411581d ago

PlayStation is the date.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1581d ago

So I guess I'm an Ouya in real life ? :(

ScorpiusX1581d ago

But she got money , so I let her be my sugar mama. Lol

TongkatAli1581d ago

Yeah, money is the only thing she got going.

MysticStrummer1581d ago

That's a relief. If it was bad they might have to combine forces against it. The console wars would never be the same. It would be like the Federation making nice with the Klingons.

MSBAUSTX1581d ago

Um the federation did make nice with the klingons eventually and there was general peace between the two.

MysticStrummer1581d ago

Yes I know, but Trek was better when they were at war.

TheWatercooler1581d ago

If Phil spencer thinks it was good he must also have been talking about playstation. Not really much going on good for the Xbone right now

Septic1581d ago

The Xbox must be doing something right for you to go through the trouble of dedicating a whole account to it.

jrshankill1580d ago

"Not much going on good"

Are you blind?

CocoWolfie1581d ago

it was :) this year especially

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The story is too old to be commented.