Intel May Integrate DRAM into CPUs

Tom's Hardware Writes:"One of the most important goals when designing a new chip is to keep the available processing units as busy as possible. One way to achieve this goal is to feed enough data into the cores as quickly as possible through improved inter-core communication. The progress from one processor generation to another is obvious: For example, while the 65nm Kentsfield quad-core provided a bandwidth of about 8GB/sec. to 9GB/sec., the 45nm Harpertown chip offers 18GB/sec. to 20GB/secs."

"At last week's [email protected] Day event, we spotted a technology that holds the potential to multiply the available bandwidth within a processor. In our opinion, this technology is actually the most impressive research we saw on that day. The reason why you may not have heard about this technology is because Intel did not specifically promote it and did not even mention it in its "Demo Cheat-Sheets" given out to journalists and analysts."

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