Weekend Gaming Hardware Sales - $188 4690 CPU, $188 GTX 760

GamersNexus: "This week, we feature a GTX 760 for $188, a 10-button laser gaming mouse for $35, an i5-4690 at only $188, and a 27” G-Sync monitor for $600."

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Agent_hitman1540d ago

I heard that the new GTX 980 won't be expensive.

DxTrixterz1540d ago

I have GTX760. It's very good GPU for it's price.I can play all games on max settings with it no problem.

matrixman921539d ago

really? I definitely cant with mine...but then again, i think my cpu is crap

BenRage31539d ago

I clicked on the link for the 760 gpu which took me to a newegg page and it is $240 not $188 hmm...