Perhaps the single most powerful strength of PC gaming, finding those magical deals

Perhaps one of the single most powerful strengths of PC gaming is the ability to pick up titles that would normally cost $50-60 dollars. And we're not talking about 1 or 2 titles here, we're talking about a huge majority both new/upcoming and old/previously released.

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ATi_Elite1579d ago

Finding great deals on games is just one caveat but as a whole, Game deals, PC Exclusives, backwards compatibility forever, customization, mods, and online experience is what makes the PC so attractive to me.

Even without all those things the PC Exclusives is number one because I rather spend 400 hours or more playing a PC game and really enjoy it than some 8 to 20 hour console game and be kicking myself for not renting it.

Jdoki1579d ago

Normally I'd absolutely agree with this... But my collection of 250+ games just from Steam, many many of which I still haven't got round to playing, makes me think I'm spending more time looking for sweet deals than playing the games!! :)