Konami Enters Fashion Industry After Realizing They Have No Place In the Gaming Industry

Hideo Kojima, creator of the Metal Gear series, convinced Konami to divert all of the money invested in a Bomberman revival and instead put it towards a special event at the Tokyo Game Show called the Metal Gear Collection 2014. While many suspected it to be a Metal Gear game collection, the event turned out to be a Metal Gear inspired clothing line. (Satire)

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DEEBO2562d ago

I would rock that diamond dogs gear why not?we other brands one more is not going to hurt.

DarkOcelet2562d ago

All i want is that prostetic arm , infinte bandana and an awesome eyepatch then am good to go .

LOL_WUT2562d ago

Still pretty upset over the whole announcement not being an actual GAME collection ;)

timothyckeegan2562d ago

Konami have few great games though.