Another Unofficial Resident Evil 2 Remake in the Works Using the Unreal Engine

Carl Williams writes, "I remember the fervor that built up around the Resident Evil series, not once but twice, over the years. The first time was the release of the original game on Playstation- magazines such as Gamefan and Electronic Gaming Monthly were covering it like crazy showing pics from early builds and following the story. Gamers reciprocated this coverage with a lot of letters and interest, and later sales upon release."

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DoomeDx1580d ago

Problem with these projects is that they lose their motivation after a while and it never gets a release date.

Seriously 95% of the cryengine / unreal engine / whatever engine game remakes never get released because they abbandon the project after the while.

DarkOcelet1580d ago

The only dedicated project i remember was Stalker Alpha Mod , it took them 5 years to make lols but it seriously was a game changer . If you know Stalker then this is a mod you must download .

Pozzle1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

And the ones that DO get completed are shut down for infringing copyright because they don't keep the project quiet enough.

DarkOcelet1580d ago

Like that translation patch of type 0 for the psp i have been dying to play and then they just SE screw it by suing the people . Such hypocrites , it wont harm the sales of both psp or the PS4/XONE version but some people are just stupid .

scark921579d ago

Yeah, its also because it makes the company look bad if the remake is good apparently, like the Metal Gear remake that was taken down, which was even being voiced by David Hayter!

DarkOcelet1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

Oh my !! Yes , Black mesa was awesome , its been a long time since i played half life , and its mods are so many i lost count , also Fallout 3 had some incredible mods . In which i think mods add an unbelievable replay value to games that i hope it comes to the single player games to the consoles for those who wants it.

FanboysKiller1580d ago

What motivation?. There is no motivation existed higher than acquiring a remake for RE2.

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rnmartinez1580d ago

Hahaha this looks awesome! I can't imagine the effort that this takes - hopefully this does get completed

criticalkare1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

I wish Capcom hires these guys and make it happen officially.........

DevilOgreFish1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

Unreal Engine 4 is the best choice, it produces much quicker results I've been told. it also supports a bunch of DX11 technology. good job for these guys, i really do hope they finish this!