Pre-order any Xbox One Game, Get $10 Xbox Gift Card + Free Shipping


"The Microsoft Store is running a limited time promotion on all Xbox One video game pre-orders!

Pre-order any game, and get a free $10 Xbox Gift Card, plus free shipping! This includes Sunset Overdrive, Forza Horizon 2, Halo The Master Chief Collection and more!"

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DryBoneKoopa851491d ago

Does anyone know if you get the codes now or when the game is shipped?

OpieWinston1491d ago

Probably when the game ships since that's when they charge you.

mikeslemonade1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

I think I will preorder Sunset OD through this promotion.

And @ bottom. If release date matters for you go buy the game at your local store on release day and return the copy that arrives.

annoyedgamer1491d ago

Release day shipping or no deal.

SteamPowered1490d ago

Why dont you just download it the night before? I wouldnt trust the post with getting your game on time. Screw standing in line, direct download for the win.

annoyedgamer1490d ago

I want to own the game. I will not pay full price for a license to play a game on one console.

SteamPowered1490d ago

@Annoyed Lol, you are funny guy. I dont really follow your logic. You would rather have that disc take up space in your library, and then have to use it every time you start up your game? You are paying for the license either way. You can only play X1 game in an Xbox, so Im not sure what other consoles you expect to play the disc in.

KYPRIME1490d ago

that desperation, i can almost smell it

GundalfDeGrej1490d ago

Stop. The PS4 has some good deals as well but that doesn't make Sony desperate now does it.

Software_Lover1490d ago

Damn, I guess all those years of 10.00 cash back for video games on Amazon was desperation also.

I say bring on the desperation!!!! It saves me money

1490d ago
jetlian1490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

they had this going for months now!! where yall been and its released day shipping. ive done this with gta5 and something else and they gave like 15-20 bucks