Japan Future Game Awards: 8 out of 12 are Sony Exclusives; Bloodborne & The Order: 1886 Lead Charge

The Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association has announced today, like at the end of every Tokyo Game Show, the twelve winners of the Japan Game Awards “Future Division.”

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gameseveryday1581d ago

In a Japanese event, a country where Xbox One has next to no presence, I must say I am not surprised by this.

Abriael1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

Surprises are not exactly common at the Japan Game Awards.

Eonjay1581d ago

No Final Fantasy XV is somewhat surprising to me.

PudgeyBurrito1581d ago

Yeah neither are Xbox one sales.

Magicite1581d ago

I believe Sony can reclaim Japanese market and revive consoles there.

DarkOcelet1581d ago

Gotta say it's a shame about the sales of the Xone ... And i hope PS4 do strong sales in which i am 1000% sure will when MGSV , FFXV , Persona V , Tales of series current gen , Bloodborne , these will move tons of consoles.

bleedsoe9mm1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

look at the list of games , the big japanese sellers are linked to playstation , xb1 needs a big japanese hit to move hardware in japan . maybe its time for ms is open the wallet again and buy capcom and monster hunter

gootimes1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

Yeah, the Xbox is losing so much popularity everywhere. I honestly hope they pick it up, they brought good things to console gamers, like sophisticated networks.

PS4 is really doing great for Sony, they are sure happy right now I bet.

AndrewLB1581d ago

This reminds me of Obama winning the Nobel Prize a week after he took office. And like with him, some of these games will result in disappointment.

DarkOcelet1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

Haha i dont think so and he is why
1-MGSV :If you played any iteration of MGS series then you will know Kojima will deliver in terms of story and graphics and gameplay and putting 100 hours on a linear psp Peace Walker , i knew that open world with Rpg elements with MGS will suit it best and using Fulton on everything is exactly what i wanted as if Kojima read my mind so i know it will be a masterpiece .
2-Bloodborne : i have played the souls series and its rewarding system when defeating a boss or passing a level you were stuck in for a long time has never been more awesome and its combat is amazing and someone entering your world without you knowing is he a friend or foe is one of the smartest and innovative i have seen in online gaming and its art style looks incredible and Miyazaki is on the helm so what could go wrong ?
3-FFXV: A game that has been in development a whole gen with Tetsuya Nomura which made the excellent kingdom hearts series and worked as a character designer on alot of FF , if you had seen the trailer then you know the game will be beautiful and hopefully so will be the story and in terms of gameplay , the guy knows how .to make an excellent gameplay with some of the best bosses in gaming history dare i say (Sephiroth and Terra ) ... and the world looks massive so i think all their hard will pay off unlike the cash grab Alien Colonial Marines and 12 years in development Duke Nukem Forever ..sigh
4-Tales of series : its a great series with a great story and solid gameplay and has yet to dissapoint .
5-Persona V : No matter how much i talk about the excellent Persona series i just wont do it justice so i very much doubt this will flop .
Damn i wrote a lot lols .

XBLSkull1581d ago

Lol gotta bubble up anyone who speaks the truth about Obama.

gotta disagree with your assessment darkocelot. I agree Kojima delivers on game play but his story telling is ridiculous. I want to play 5, but 4 I literally watched cut scenes than I actual got in game play. Enjoyed ground zeros and I am looking forward to playing the game I just don't care about the story.

bloodborne looks awesome, except for that stupid mask that looks like a giant schlong is hanging off your face and the over the top feathered boa that character wears lol. I got marked for trolling earlier because I thought that character/class looked lame as hell but I'm going to say it again

I won't pretend to know what other 3 games you are talking about man I couldn't care less about them but to each his own.

gootimes1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

You don't like the crow mask, many people do. Do you really have to articulate your thoughts like a 6 year old though?

It figures the only negative thing you could come up with about the game is something so immature.

DigitalRaptor1581d ago

Well, would you look at that.

AndrewLB trolling another PlayStation article that paints the brand in a good light. DarkOcelot simply schooled you and I for one would like to see the crystal ball you're holding to get your information about how future games will fare to public opinion.

@ XBLSkull

Oh look, another Xbox fanboy with a victim complex that he's been marked for trolling due to the act of… trolling.

Those masks are reminiscent of plague doctors, which is the basis of Bloodborne's plot, so how about you get educated before you go around calling a certain aspect of game design "lame as hell" and trolling on something you have no idea about.

Regarding the "other 3 games"… again get educated. You're telling me you've never heard of Final Fantasy XV, Tales of Zestiria or PERSONA 5… and you're a gamer that follows news on N4G?? Quite frankly, no wonder you are so keen to downplay Sony and Nintendo on a regular basis if you don't even make an effort to look into the games that are on those systems that aren't shoved into your face by the mainstream media.

ShadowWolf7121581d ago


If you honestly wanna try to claim you've never heard of Final Fantasy, let alone FFXV despite it even being all over E3 after its reveal in 2013...

And don't even try to say you've never heard of Persona. Persona 4 (and 3 to an extent) are all over the place lately. And rightly so.

As for Tales... your loss bruh. That series is awesome.

WeAreLegion1580d ago

I disagree with most of that. I do agree that Obama getting that prize was ridiculous though. Obama was always going to be disappointing. I'm from Illinois. We knew he was a joke years before the rest of the country.

Giving him the Nobel Peace Prize is an insult to great men and women everywhere.

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the_dark_one1581d ago

ya well there was Wiiu there aswell and sony still won all those awards. interesting isnt it!?

YodaCracker1580d ago

"It’s worth mentioning that Nintendo does not traditionally participate to Tokyo Game Show, so all its first party titles aren’t eligible for the awards."

Reading the article might help.

sanosukegtr1231581d ago

What are you saying. Xbox One was never in the equation.

dragonyght1581d ago

lol they had no Japanese games at the show mostly game that been already been release MS can only blame them self

medman1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

@rashid sayed
What was the last Microsoft first party exclusive to win a goty award in America? Oh, I see...apparently it isn't just Japan that knows Sony has the better games.

Gamer19821580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

Sony is ready to start dominating Japan it seems.. The only place WiiU has left.

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Fizzler1581d ago

Well Sony being a Japanese company, it's no surprise they're gonna back their own exclusives.

Silly Mammo1581d ago

What about the 3rd horse in the game? Nintendo. Aren't they a Japanese company too?

TheCagyDies1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

Nintendo wasn't there and their games can't be nominated for an award as pointed out in the last part of the article. Just Nintendo being Nintendo.

Fizzler1581d ago

I actually only own a PS4, I just like using logic too.

PCBOX1581d ago

8 out of 12 went to Sony in an event organized in Japan!! Why am I not surprised? Please somebody tell me:)

1581d ago
amiga-man1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

For a system you claim to have no games that is mighty impressive.

Anyone who knows the Playstation knows games were never going to be an issue, this is just the start.

imt5581581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

Japanese had no interest in Xbone?

Phil also was there :

But who cares.

reko1581d ago


because xbox games suck.

Remy_Chaos1581d ago

Not all of them, they just rarely stay on Xbox.

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Blueraven3161581d ago

2015 is going to be a great year for gaming

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