Destiny Server Failure Proves Why Always Online Will Never Work

PlayStationing writes: "For the most part, I’m loving Destiny, but one thing that has been getting on my nerves is the frequent disconnections to Destiny’s servers. Today, the game’s servers have suffered a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack which for most games would mean you couldn’t play online. However, for Destiny, it means you can’t play ANYTHING. Again proving that an ‘Always Online’ eco-system will never work, because there is always someone who would want to test the system."

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NyanCat1540d ago

Didn't we learn this from Diablo ( *Sigh*

gaffyh1540d ago

It's ridiculous that these devs keep trying to push it, really annoying. The only reason I can think of them doing it is to try to prevent piracy, but that shouldn't come at a cost to the actual game.

thekhurg1540d ago

It's ridiculous that gamers don't have the patience to deal with minor downtime when it's caused by external forces. There is nothing wrong with persistent online gaming like Destiny. It's the heart of the game itself. Running across other people while on the planets, public events, etc...

The entire game would be a shell of its current self if we were all playing by ourselves.

RebelWAC1540d ago

@thekhurg The Internet is a very cool place to play and all but nothing beats playing with friends you're sitting next to where the only interruption is the fun factor.

I personally want to see more games that support split screen/local mp and not only sports games in the future.

Deividas1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )


Yea thats all good but how about for the people that don't have all day to wait around to play a game?

I had a good couple hours available to play with my brother yesterday cause he just got the game....10 min in we got kicked out and couldnt play again for the rest of the day because we had other plans. I did reserve a couple hours for the game...but it being down kinda ruined the whole experience for us.

And that has nothing to with patience but the fact that there are people who have lives, and an entire game being unplayable because server issues during the ONLY time i had available really sucks.

theshonen88991540d ago

Why aren't these complaints leveled at games like Guild Wars 2? It was also a $60 mmo that didn't require a subscription.

Some games are just meant to be online only, in order to enable a world with persistance. Saying something as ludicrous as "Always Online Will Never Work" when games like WoW and other MMOs were clearly successful doesn't help anyone. Perhaps it doesn't work for Destiny (I haven't play it, I wouldn't know) but that doesn't mean it won't work for all games in general.

XBLSkull1540d ago

Just stupid. Always online works fine. Everyone enjoying playing Destiny today? That's what I thought. MMO's have been successful for years. If you don't like it you are under no obligation to buy these games. Chutes and ladders works just fine if you don't want an online experience. Invest in a deck of cards if you need to it is a lot cheaper than a game anyways.

if you don't like these policys vote with your wallet and don't purchase these games. Bottom line is it is your problem not everyone elses. Your sense of entitlement sickens me. Go ahead and make your own game and choose how you want to make it. You selfish bastards already ruined the awesome digital vision Microsoft had, allowing you do have the benefits of digital but being able to own an install disc instead of a 30GB download.

UltimateMaster1540d ago

"Destiny Server Failure Proves Why Always Online Will Never Work"
If that's the case, then how come many other games gets it right on day 1?
Both BF4 and Destiny had betas, Destiny had an Alpha. You'd think they would get it right.
At least destiny got fixed quickly.

ziggurcat1540d ago


your argument is invalid for several reasons:

1. always online doesn't work fine. some people don't have stable internet.

2. you can't compare an online MMO to a policy that required you to be online at all times or else you wouldn't be able to use your system - even if you wanted to play a single player game.

3. people *did* vote with their wallet. that's why MS changed the freaking policy...

4. the issue with MS's digital "vision" wasn't anything to do with bandwidth, it was the attempt to cram draconian policies down people's throats. a lot of good owning the physical disc would do if you weren't even allowed to lend it to a friend, and/or sell it once you were completely done with the game, no? what if you don't have very much income, and rent most of your games? well, you wouldn't have been able to do that without purchasing the full game, and/or paying an extra fee, either.

so, please... stop with the "you ruined their digital vision" crap... it was a horrible group of policies that were obviously not thought about all the way through. it was the equivalent of this:

3-4-51540d ago

The Dev's aren't trying to push anything....

The "Money guys" behind the dev's....who are the dev's boss, they are the ones pushing these stupid greedy ideas.

* Always online for every game = disaster waiting to happen.

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joab7771540d ago

What do ppl do that have played mmo's for yrs?

Oh yeah, they realize that certain games require always online as it's one of the major features of a genre that they adore.

Sometimes, 90% around launch, there are issues. Then, there's maintenance also.

theshonen88991540d ago

Exactly. We shouldn't be generalizing the entire gaming industry into thinking "every game should have an offline component." Every game should be considered independently on a case-by-case basis. Maybe Destiny doesn't work well as an always online game, but that doesn't mean it'd be true for all games.

1540d ago
Demonchaser271537d ago

Actually this is wrong. MMOs provide all of the data needed to play the game in the original 30+GB download. If they wanted to they could just let you play singleplayer offline or use LAN offline for local play on the MMO if you wanted to and then have you connect to the server if you wanted online play with hundreds of others.

There is nothing stopping them from doing this. And it doesn't tarnish the vision at all since almost all features are tailored to scale to the players in a group or party.

So no MMOs actually aren't special. They are video games made like any other. Any forced online is a forced choice by the pub/dev. And its never absolutely, "naturally" necessary.

FullmetalRoyale1540d ago

Speaking of Diablo, I just recently picked up Ultimate Evil Edition. Playing Destiny with my friend made me want a RPG in which I acquire loot. Holy crap, now I "get it" when it comes to Diablo. Now I bounce between Minecraft and Destiny with my friend, and when he's not on I have Diablo to have a blast with.

Idk what it is specifically, but I am really digging it.

Palitera1540d ago

Lootporn can take over your mind quickly as that!

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DERKADER1540d ago

Plane Crash Proves Why Planes Will Never Work

1540d ago
Eddie201011540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

It already work's for games that need to be online all the time ... MMO"s. It sort of works anyway, because they are often down for maintenance and sometimes from other problem's. People still play and love their MMO's and they are not going anywhere soon.

always on only for DRM purposes is another story, one that limits consumers rights.

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vishmarx1540d ago

and people laugh at me when i say i dont trust the internet in 2014.
always online should not exist. period.
even in mmos , they should just limit the offline activity and keep the game playable at the very least.

joab7771540d ago

Don't I think that they have considered it? Even a long time ago when it DIDN'T benefit anyone to be online ago ll the time?

Alot of issues ago ll rise when u allow n always online game to be offline too, mainly security.

I agree w/ u. I really, really want to be ago ll risen be to play whenever, like story missions etc. But I don't think companies did it on purpose 10 yrs ago.

LogicStomper1540d ago

If Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games allowed offline play, it would allow anyone to just disconnect from the internet, bot their character for max stats and ruin the game for others online. There are reasons why some games are online only...

Shadonic1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

Wasn't the servers only down for like 30 minutes ? I'm not defending always online, I wish the game wasnt always online in some aspects ( though it would probably open up ways of cheating if it werent always online ) Just think that if the servers were only down for 30 or so minutes I dont see a reason to use that as a jump off point to push for taking away always online in a game like this.

plmkoh1540d ago

It's the instant oatmeal generation, have a look when Facebook goes down for 5 minutes.

Shadonic1540d ago

That's the thing, I'm not entirely against them but at the same time I'm not entirely with them I could understand if it was like a few hours or a day but using 30 minutes of no Destiny as a jump off point to push an argument for no always online games is just dumb. I understand this is an opinion piece but it honestly feels like he had nothing else better to write or come up with.

joab7771540d ago

Exactly. It's a trade off that requires some trust in the devs. BELIEVE ME when I say that they don't want anything bad happening. They r gamers too and it's their livlihood.

And i have played many an mmo at launch and this has been quite smooth. Also, someone has to push forward. The internet is the future, albeit a frightening one.

cruzngta1540d ago

I dont care for always online but if you really like the game and want it then you dont have much choice. Going forward I hope ALL devs include OFFLINE modes either in SP or a bots mode or whatever depending upon the game. Any updates to the game world can be made when you do eventually connect online. Its not that hard and I dont know why the sudden obsession for 'Always Online' is being dealt to games like Destiny and Titanfall. This needs to change.

TheDevKit1540d ago

World of Warcraft has been working since 2004.

lemoncake1540d ago

Was about to type the same thing, online is nothing new and it's been working perfectly fine for years in many many games. The great thing about this gen is that the console market is finally ready to make a big push into this type of online game, even if it is decades late to the party.

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