Naruto Storm Revolution Full Roster Unlocked Save File For PC

A Naruto Storm Revolution have unlocked all the characters in Naruto Storm Revolution including Edo Tensei Minato. The good thing is he shared the save file and it includes:

1.6 Million Ryo
All Characters
All Costumes

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megatron007331580d ago

Yes it is. And it's working perfectly. Now, I can play with Edotensei Minato and Madara :D

megatron007331580d ago

Love being a Naruto PC GAMER!

johnrapper11221580d ago

Hey! This save file also includes Ninja Tournament and other modes too?

megatron007331580d ago

John, it only includes all the full roster, costumes and 1.6 Million ryu. For the rest of the things you need to play the game bro! :)

johnrapper11221580d ago

Thanks for the update. Looks like I have to play the game too. I will apply the save file today, will let you know the update. :)