QJ.NET Review: Aces of the Galaxy

QJ.NET writes: "Rail shooters come in many different forms. We have the human-styled rail shooters, such as Time Crisis or The House of the Dead, that are prevalent in arcades. We also have the trance-inspired musical rail-shooting stylings of Rez. Heck, we even have rail shooters that come with dragons, in the form of Panzer Dragoon.

Rail-based space shooters, however, are perhaps the second-most prevalent type of rail shooter out there. Rail shooters of this type are few and far between though, with the illustrious pedigree of Starfox and Starfox 64 being two notable games of that sort in the history of space rail shooters. Perhaps the last game to successfully integrate this form of space shooting came in the incarnation of Gummi Ship sequences within the Kingdom Hearts multiverse, but even then, we didn't see much of the rail shooter there.

That's all about to change.

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