What To Expect From The New Samurai Warriors 4

"As a fan of the Dynasty Warriors, Warriors Orochi and Samurai Warriors franchise, it's great to see the tactical hack-n-slash gaining popularity in the west. With a selection of new warriors making their world debut on PlayStations Platform, samurai Warriors 4 is looking to be the best instalment in the series yet." Monty Brown -

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ArronNelson1581d ago

Dynasty warriors and Orochi seem to be very slow on current hardware, which is very surprising since they only got minor visual improvements. Hope Samurai 4 doesn't play the same.

patelsanjeed1581d ago

Its really just poor designing on developers part. Techmo koei are not renowned for their engineering, which is a shame since Dynasty Warriors is such a fun game. Just buggy and slow at times. May be SW4 will see massive improvements.

charliewong9801581d ago

Yeah I absolutely love dynasty warriors, but damn the developers really need a brand new engine. The game really looks and feels somewhat arcade-ish even on todays consoles.

amyortega1311581d ago

I heard this will run at 1080p 60fps on PS4. That will be surprising if Koei pulls this off.

ginalee5541581d ago


I hardly doubt people will even notice the frame rate.

Just relax and enjoy the game if you are a fan of the series.

brettjones4941581d ago

The whole graphical issue isn't as straight forward as that.
There is always other elements at play here like the amount of objects on screen at one time and the visual effects. apart from that the debate on DW framerate had been on mulitplatforms where the PlayStation 4's system was said to have a higher framerate.

DragonKnight1581d ago

The Warriors games have always been games that sacrifice fidelity for other areas. If you look at how the franchise design has progressed, you'll see they've placed greater and greater emphasis on maintaining the fluidity of the action, as well as boosting the ability to have the sheer numbers of enemies on screen that these games are known for.

Before, especially with DW3 (still the best in the franchise by far), the "Fog of War" as terrible and some enemies would just appear out of thin air. But as the franchise moved on, that fog progressively lessened and the draw distances greatly improved, as did the enemy rendering to the point where enemy pop-in kept being less and less of an occurrence.

TecmoKoei let games like Ninja Gaiden be the flashy games, while the Warriors series is about numbers and scale. How many games do you know of that could consistently pull off the on-screen numbers of a Warriors game and remain smooth and quick?

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EdnaJones971581d ago

I am really not expecting ground breaking next generation graphics from this game. The whole formula just feels very old and in need of some much needed rehaul.

henrythomas2841581d ago

I could do with a nice change of pace in the Japanese action genre about now. So looking forward to this.

lisamorgan41581d ago

me too, it's been a while since I played the original samurai warriors. SW4 might just be a great time to visit the series.

Majin-vegeta1581d ago

Picking this,WO:U3 AND DW 8:XLComplete editon on same day *sigh*.

edwardhuff6631581d ago

This going to be sweet. Can't wait to play.

Sly-Lupin1580d ago

Why? You trying to burn yourself out?

rebeljoe141581d ago

Looking forward to the new soundtrack they got some amazing songs in the Musou series and this one is no exception

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