Opinion: Five ways Destiny can be improved

For the most part, Destiny is a solid shooter. But here are five things Bungie can do to improve it.

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Nodoze1490d ago

Clearly evidenced by their silence, it is apparent that Bungie don't feel that Destiny is broken.

joab7771489d ago

The best thing about Destiny is that it IS and mmo, meaning that if they follow the trajectory of successful mmo games, they will listen to the community and continiuosly update the game making it everything we want.

I for one, couldn't be happier with the launch template. I know it's great when it makes me feel just like some of my all time favorite mmo's, frustrated as hell. Great thing is that I Love the PvP and usually I'm not a huge mmo PvP fan.

Naga1490d ago

I'm going to come out and say that initially, I was tremendously disappointed in the game. The story was poorly told and had the depth of a water puddle. Mecha-Dink was completely botched his opportunity to be the sidekick you always wanted with his awfully delivered lines. And the Crucible multiplayer just felt... off.

At first.

My opinion has changed, now. The line delivery, of course, is still bad. But the rest of the game has grown on me in a huge way. I am completely hooked. And after playing several hours of Vault of Glass, I am thoroughly impressed. In fact, I am so impressed that I am actually willing to be patient with Bungie and allow them to develop the story some more through DLC. Especially if they prove my mistrust of the Traveler to be well-founded.

If they would fix the storytelling element, weaken the fusion rifle and some of the special abilities, and raise the cap on weekly crucible points, I would be the happiest of campers.