Disgaea 5 Improves Story, is “More Newcomer Friendly” – NIS

"First, Mr. Niikawa said that this is the ideal entry point into the series, as it’s very newcomer-friendly. He loves the more hardcore Disgaea games of the past, and those longtime fans will definitely find something to love, but new players will be a little more keen on this one than past titles." -PSLS @ TGS

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knifefight1486d ago

Disgaea games are super deep, and that's great, but I feel burned out after 3, then 3 Vita, then 4...I haven't played 4 on Vita and think I'll skip it. I hope I recover in time for 5.

Felis_Rufus1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

A shame all games should be 'newcomer friendly'. A newcomer should invest in a game, not the other way around.

ssjkiet1486d ago

Cause every newcomer has all the time to invest in such a game... Nothing wrong with them trying to reach those markets where people have at most an hour or so a day to play a game. Quickly pick it up & get it from the get-go...

Inception1486d ago

@felis rufus

You didn't read the article and i guess you never play Disgaea, which means you don't have a clue of what Niikawa said about Disgaea 5 story is more friendly to newcomer.

josephayal1486d ago

I love disgaea but its graphic needs are not high, def need a graphic upgrade

ThunderPulse1486d ago

The hell is wrong with you?

Edward751486d ago

This could be very good for the series by grabbing more people into its lore/game style, or it could possibly alienate the core.

It just has to be done right.

One game that comes to mind that did it wrong to try and grab more people was dragon age.

One that did it right, mass effect 2.

It has always been a niche title that sells decently (disgaea) just don't destroy the great grinding many love, and don't dumb it down!

Roccetarius1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

Just saying that Mass Effect 2 is a bad example. It aliented the RPG players liking the first game.

Edward751486d ago

I thought it was better, but I respect you opinion.

The games I gave were off the top of my head... It was easier to say dragon age doing it because it REALLY went for more people, and REALLY. Changed how it's core audience felt.