Ori and the Blind Forest is Enchanting as Hell if Hell Were Magical as S*** [TGS Hands-On] - GR

"It's a very artsy game that reminded me at different times of Okami, Journey, and what my imagination pictures The Last Guardian possibly being like. The prologue told the story of the protagonist — some kind of child form of a god or something — that ended up orphaned in a forest and was taken in by a big... thing named Ori. Ori looked like No Face from Spirited Away, if he really let himself go." -GR

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qwerty6761541d ago

that was the worst preview article ive ever read

how is this guy even a journalist?

knifefight1541d ago

I agree. Games Journalism is horrible and needs to step up. I really wish we could get more hands-on play reports by Brian Williams, Sean Hannity, Nancy Grace and Anderson Cooper.

lashes2ashes1541d ago

Nancy grace? That's a joke right? She is the biggest troll in us news and is not a reporter. When was the last time she reported on a strory with no "moral" outrage.

Bigpappy1541d ago

LOL at real Journalist. Very funny! What's also quite fun is that non of them with the exception of cooper and William are actual Journalist. They are just talk show host , LOL. Seems like real Journalist are either hard to come by, or get no respect.

harrisk9541540d ago

Dude, I understand your point, but your choice of "journalists" is just ridiculous.... As Bigpappy said, only Cooper and Williams are journalists. Grace and Hannity are hacks who are self-promoting fools disguised as journalists/talk show hosts/rabble-rousers.

Unless you were trying to be funny... I hope.

Foehammer1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

100% agree, game journalism is a joke.

Regardless, the game is score very well.

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JonnyBigBoss1541d ago

It's not bad, it's just a bit short.

JonnyBigBoss1541d ago

This game looks beautiful. Moon Studios has talent.

Ghost_Nappa1540d ago

Wrong, Ori is the child, not the bear thing.

knifefight1540d ago

You sure?
The narration talked about "the night we lost Ori" and then the Bear died.

And then it talked about how "now I was an orphan again."

And says "She embraced our light" followed by a shot of the bear thing embracing the light creature. o_O

I'm not saying you're wrong or anything, just saying that there's a reason some people are unclear on that.