Review: D4: Dark Dream Don't Die - Battle Screen

Trevor Stears, writing for Battle Screen, review Swery65's new surreal murder mystery.

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Bigpappy1487d ago

LOL. Reviewers seem to be happy with this one. They seem very cranky here of late.

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bacrec11487d ago

Okay im downloading now. There are way too many solid scores for this.

slasaru011487d ago

The game is almost excellent, but for the graphics

Foehammer1487d ago

D4 is off to great start.

VoltySquirrel1487d ago

It really is. I hope it keeps that up with future episodes.

Concertoine1487d ago

I didnt even know this came out! This is one reason for me to get an xbone.

VoltySquirrel1487d ago

You're telling me. I freaked out on Wednesday when they announced the release date. I had to scramble to find a review code.

DevilOgreFish1487d ago

This game truly is awkwardly different then most titles, In the best way though. It's like one of the picassos of video games. Microsoft definitely has a gem here.

lifeisgamesok1487d ago

This. I finished the 2nd episode earlier and the game is stellar

One of the best games you're ever going to play for $14.99

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The story is too old to be commented.