Shawn Knows Who Should Play Joel In The Last of Us Movie

A while back Shawn wrote an article stating he knew who should play as Nathan Drake in the Uncharted movie. Well he is here again to do more casting for Naughty Dog games to movies. This time around, it didn't take so long to figure it out, at least not from an actor standpoint.

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-Foxtrot1488d ago

There's only two people who can play Joel

Hugh Jackman and Josh Brolin

KendrickLamar1488d ago

I honestly lost hope in the movie after I found out it will be made by Screen Gems. For those who don't know, it's a mediocre film company that makes the resident evil movies, and a whole bunch of other Tyler Perry-level movies.

CloudRap1488d ago

Or Dylan Mcdermott the dad from the first season of American Horror story.

zeuanimals1488d ago

His voice isn't nearly gruff enough.

XBLSkull1488d ago Show
KnightRobby1488d ago

What about the main protagonist from Hell on Wheels? Can't remember his name but he sure is a depresso sometimes on that show :P

NewMonday1487d ago

Joel is big, old and a man killing monster, you need someone who can project that and I only know of two actors who can, Gerard Butler and Liam Neeson

DevilOgreFish1487d ago

After reading everyone's suggestions, the requirement to play as Joel.....any man with a beard.

morganfell1487d ago


So did you not rerad ALLL the remarks? NewMonday is on target.

Oschino19071487d ago

Tom Hanks or The Rock, maybe Kevin James.

Bathyj1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

Just like anyone for Kratos or Agent 47 must be bald, because these no way you could make a non bald person look the part.

Oh wait....

Anyway, keeping in that theme Im gonna say Zach Galifianakis

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porkChop1488d ago

Josh Brolin, absolutely. Perfect fit right there. Hugh Jackman, though? I do see the visual resemblance, but I personally don't see him making a good Joel.

Nicaragua1487d ago

Watch Prisoners, then you'll see it

porkChop1487d ago

I've seen Prisoners, good film, yet I still don't see it. He has a similar look, but none of his characters are anything like Joel.

-Foxtrot1488d ago

He's basically half way to being Joel in Prisoners

vicristion1488d ago

I like that actor Guy Pearce. But really for the role of Joel Hugh Jackman is best.

DrJones1487d ago

Agree completely.

Add a beard, and presto! There you have Joel. That gaze of his is also spot on..

OpieWinston1487d ago

Anson Mount.

Got the voice
Got the beard
Got the face
Got the experience

jronj1487d ago

Anson Mount is going to be in the world of warcraft movie..

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Conzul1487d ago

He's got the look but not the gruff.

mcarsehat1488d ago

Hugh Jackman has already played a Joel Type character so if he'd play another, and it doesn't affect X-men, he'll be a possible candidate.

Josh Brolin is a NO, he can't cry on cue, looks have nothing to do with it when you have practical effects.

I do actually think it will end up being Guy Pierce, he likes stories about the end of the world (The Road, Lockout, The Rover) and it's the same thing i thought after i watched The Rover which was a fantastic film. It was like watching Joel in another story.

I think Adam sandler would be an interesting choice, he's a fantastic actor and it wouldn't even be tough for him.

CloudRap1488d ago

I hope youre being sarcastic about Adam Sandler....... watch Jack and Jill and you will know what I mean.....

porkChop1488d ago

Dude, what? Adam Sandler? Are you high?

Riderz13371488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

Adam Sandler is a great actor, watch Punch Drunk Love, Funny People and Reign Over Me.

Only problem is lately he has been choosing to do shit movies that have horrible scripts.

AidenPearce1487d ago

IKR. He doesn't even seem bothered to do good films, he seems to fine with just making awful ones like Grown Ups, because they go on to make hundreds of millions.

markte1488d ago

Yeah, Josh Brolin is definitely a NO. I mean, it's not like he was the inspiration for the character or anything.

blakstarz1488d ago

Adam is good choice but he doesn't really have that gruff demeanor or the voice.

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scark921488d ago

I just hope Hollywood does not cast Samuel L Jackson as Joel!

imXify1488d ago

Would be perfect as a villain!

Riderz13371488d ago

As which Villain? I don't even remember any real "villains" in TLOU other than the obvious Clickers/Runners.

Silly gameAr1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )


David? That was a prrretty shady dude.

Conzul1487d ago

Um...Marlene and David were easily identifiable as anti-heroes.

blakstarz1488d ago

And why? Besides the obvious.

scark921487d ago

The obvious sums it up, there is no other reason lol

ironfist921488d ago

Clearly people havent seen The Road

KingofGambling1488d ago

I highly recommend read the book, I believe the author is Cormac McCarthy. Read that in college.