Wii Fanboy Review: Block Breaker Deluxe

Wii Fanboy writes: "When Pong evolved, we got Breakout. When Breakout evolved, we got Arkanoid. Then, when Arkanoid evolved, we got ... Block Breaker Deluxe?

Not that we'd call Block Breaker Deluxe revolutionary in any way, even though it's fun to play. Take Breakout, slap on some tacky '80s visuals, then throw in '70s disco/porn music for good measure, and you pretty much know what to expect from Gameloft's WiiWare offering.

That's not to say Block Breaker Deluxe doesn't have anything positive to offer – it is a Breakout clone, after all. Yet, the game's ridiculous theme definitely warrants some mocking. Dance Dance Revolution is relatively close in style, to give you an idea of what to expect. At least DDR is a dancing game involving club and house music, so the motif makes sense. Block Breaker Deluxe doesn't have an excuse for its Miami-nightlife-infused setting, unless the developers just thought the idea was more hip than a pelvis. The fact that it was originally a cell phone game explains a lot, though."

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